PMCU definition

PMCU means the project management and coordination unit referred to in Section 3.02 of this Agreement;

Examples of PMCU in a sentence

The PMCU shall be responsible for implementing the technical and scientific activities of the Project to be carried out in the Project Area and shall coordinate said activities with the coordinating office in each Biodiversity Zone and with the Foundation.

Strengthening of Project management through the establishment of the PMCU within the Ministry of Environment.

The PMCU shall expedite disbursements from the Special Account, facilitate international communications, coordinate international professional development training, monitor and evaluate Project progress and collate and forward quarterly and annual progress reports to the Trustee on Project progress.

The Recipient shall maintain the PMCU within the Ministry of Environment, under terms of reference satisfactory to the Trustee, with qualified and experienced staff in adequate numbers, under the supervision of a Project coordinator, whose qualifications and experience shall be satisfactory to the Trustee.

The following events are specified as conditions to the effectiveness of the GET Grant Agreement, namely, the establishment of the PMCU and the appointment of the Project coordinator referred to in Section 3.02 of this Agreement.