Definition of PLS/Other Loans

PLS/Other Loans means Subject Loans identified as PLS/Other Loans on any of Schedules 1 through 8 of the Letter Agreement.
Sample 1

Examples of PLS/Other Loans in a sentence

As soon as practicable after a Trustee/Other Consent has been obtained (or on such later date as MGIC shall agree), each of CHL and Servicer shall take all necessary steps to dismiss the Arbitration Action with prejudice as to the Countrywide PLS Loans and Third Party PLS/Other Loans with respect to which such Trustee/Other Consents have been obtained, and such dismissal shall be substantially in the form of Stipulation and Order of Dismissal on Exhibit J.
The Parties shall reconcile, as of the Initial Implementation Date or Other Implementation Date, as applicable, the aggregate Reimbursement Amount with respect to each Category for GSE/HFI Loans and to each Trust/Other for PLS/Other Loans, respectively.
After the expiration of the time period to obtain the Other Consents pursuant to Section 9(b), PLS/Other Loans that do not receive the requisite Other Consents shall become Non-Consenting Loans.