Definition of PLK Research Plan

PLK Research Plan means the plan described in Section 2.3 of this Agreement.
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Examples of PLK Research Plan in a sentence

PROTIVA will fund and be responsible for conducting all activities under the PLK Research Plan or otherwise warranted by the terms and conditions of this Agreement.
The JSC will attempt to act by consensus in respect of all matters arising under or in connection with the PLK Research Plan.
If PROTIVA uses any Third Party contract resources to conduct part or all of its activities under the PLK Research Plan, it shall obtain agreements from such contractor(s) providing for rights in favor of ALNYLAM, substantially equivalent to the rights ALNYLAM would have had if PROTIVA had done the work itself.
It is expected that formulated materials using a number of different initial Formulations would be delivered by PROTIVA to ALNYLAM, tested by ALNYLAM, and (on the basis of such tests, and subsequent iterative tests if needed) culled or otherwise adjusted by PROTIVA to the point where both parties believe that no further formulation adjustments, or improvements are anticipated under the R&D Research Plan (or, as applicable, the PLK Research Plan).
On or prior to the Effective Date PROTIVA has, with ALNYLAMs approval, prepared a research plan setting out the primary activities to be conducted by PROTIVA with respect to the PLK Target (the PLK Research Plan).