Definition of Plenus Loan

Plenus Loan means a loan provided by Plenus to the Company, together with all interest therein outstanding as of the Closing Date .
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Examples of Plenus Loan in a sentence

Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained in this Debenture, this Debenture and the charges hereby created in favor of the Bank (including without limitation the charge of the Charged Property) shall be canceled and be of no further force and effect upon and together with the fulfillment of the following conditions: (i) Negevtech has repaid the Plenus Loan in full including all interest and related sums; and (ii) Plenus has released the Plenus Pledge.
The Company undertakes to promptly provide the Shareholders with a written notice upon the occurrence of any of the events described above or any default under the Plenus Loan Agreements.