Definition of Phantom Share Unit

Phantom Share Unit means the right to receive the value of one (1) Ordinary Share, subject to the provisions of Section 7.3 of the Plan.

Phantom Share Unit or “PSU” shall mean a unit of measurement equivalent to one share of Common Stock, with none of the attendant rights of a holder of such share, including, without limitation, the right to vote such share and the right to receive dividends thereon, except to the extent otherwise specifically provided herein.

Phantom Share Unit means a notional determinate quantity used as a standard for measuring a Participant’s potential benefit under the Plan pursuant to Section 6.02.

Examples of Phantom Share Unit in a sentence

Should Shares be issued pursuant to a Phantom Share Unit award in circumstances where they are not otherwise fully paid up, the Board may require the Participant to pay the aggregate Nominal Value of the Shares on the basis that such Shares underlying the Phantom Share Unit award shall then be allotted as fully paid to the Participant.
Phantom Share Unit awards shall be redeemable by the Participant to the Company upon such terms and conditions as the Board may establish.
On May 29, 2010, the Board of Directors approved the establishment of the Company’s Phantom Share Unit Plan (“PSUP”); this is a cash-settled plan and the exercise price of all units is $nil.
Each Phantom Share Unit shall be evidenced by a Phantom Share Unit Agreement which shall be in such form and shall contain such additional terms and conditions as the Board shall deem appropriate.
The value of a single Phantom Share Unit shall be equal to the Fair Market Value of a Share, unless the Board otherwise provides in the terms of the Phantom Share Unit Agreement.

More definitions of Phantom Share Unit

Phantom Share Unit means a bookkeeping unit representing one share of Common Stock.

Phantom Share Unit means a right granted under this Plan to receive the Award Payout on the terms contained in this Plan as more particularly described in §3.1;

Phantom Share Unit means a unit of deemed investment in a share of Common Stock as provided in Article VI.

Phantom Share Unit means a unit representing the right to receive payments under Section 2.5(d) of this Agreement. A list of outstanding Phantom Share Units and the holders thereof is set forth on Schedule 2.5(d).