Periodic Assessments definition

Periodic Assessments means age based preventive checks focused on health and wellbeing and prevention of disease. The requirements of these Periodic Assessments will be subject to change on the basis of policy and evidence and any such revisions shall be introduced in accordance with the Framework Agreement.

Examples of Periodic Assessments in a sentence

  • Periodic Assessments shall be payable during the period of foreclosure of an Assessment Lien.

  • Regular Periodic Assessments shall be collected monthly, in advance, at the option of the Association.

  • C.15 Withdrawal of Common Criteria Certificates The CB is to have documented procedures for withdrawal of Common Criteria Certificates and is to advertise the withdrawal in the next issue of its Certified/Validated Products List.Annex D Voluntary Periodic Assessments The Management Committee may select two or more Qualified Participants (excluding the CB’s Sponsor) to carry out a periodic assessment of a Compliant CB.

  • Periodic Assessments shall be payable during the period of foreclosure of a claim of lien.

  • Similarly, the Periodic Assessments provide a set of benchmarks for measuring student academic progress tied to the standards “along the way” that can be used to guide and modify instructional delivery.

  • The ACME also noted developments regarding the HELCOM Periodic Assessments.

  • In addition to the Periodic Assessments authorized by this Article, the Association may levy in any fiscal year one or more Special Assessments, if permitted by applicable law, payable over such a period as the Association may determine, for the purpose of defraying, in whole or in part, the cost of any construction or reconstruction, unexpected repair or replacement of improvements within the Common Elements, or for any other expense incurred or to be incurred as provided in this Declaration.

  • Courses with a pre-clinical and/or clinical section may use the Skills Assessments and Periodic Assessments of Professionalism, Knowledge, Pre-clinical/Clinical Skills and Degree of Independence & Competence to evaluate professionalism and Fitness to Practice.

  • Anticipated Skills and Knowledge Outcomes for Students: The goal for every student at RFCMS is mastery of the California State Content Standards and Common Core State Standards, measured by the California StandardsTests, Smarter Balanced Assessments, District Periodic Assessments, and additional formative assessments.

  • The Association shall have the right, but not the obligation, to make prorated refunds of any Periodic Assessments in excess of the actual expenses incurred in any fiscal year.

Related to Periodic Assessments

  • Assessments means Claims of Her Majesty the Queen in Right of Canada or of any province or territory or municipality or any other Taxing Authority in any Canadian or foreign jurisdiction, including amounts which may arise or have arisen under any notice of assessment, notice of objection, notice of reassessment, notice of appeal, audit, investigation, demand or similar request from any Taxing Authority;

  • Phase I assessment as described in, and meeting the criteria of, (i) Chapter 5 of the FNMA Multifamily Guide or any successor provisions covering the same subject matter in the case of a Specially Serviced Mortgage Loan as to which the related Mortgaged Property is multifamily property or (ii) the American Society for Testing and Materials in the case of Specially Serviced Mortgage Loan as to which the related Mortgaged Property is not multifamily property.

  • Medical assessment means an assessment of a patient’s medical condition secured by our Assistance Company working in conjunction with the Medical Evacuation Provider’s medical director and in collaboration with the attending physician. The Assistance Company in collaboration with the Medical Evacuation Provider, will utilize the assessment to determine at its sole discretion whether a Plan Holder is fit to fly; the most appropriate means to provide medical evacuation; the medical personnel who will be accompanying the patient on the transport; and to confirm the medical facility closest to one’s home can meet their medical needs. If the patient’s medical facility of choice is unable to provide the high level of medical care required by the patient, arrangements will be made to transport the patient to the appropriate medical facility closest to their home, or closest to patient's preferred medical facility in the US when possible.

  • Assessment roll means a permanent record of the assessment of property as

  • Assessment Date means the tax assessment effective date for each tax year in question,i.e. December 31 of the immediately preceding calendar year.

  • Assessment Report : means the assessment report referred to in Articles 32(2) and 33(3) of Regulation (EC) No 834/2007 drawn up by an independent third party fulfilling the requirements of ISO Standard 17011 or by a relevant competent authority, which includes information on document reviews, including the descriptions referred to in Articles 4(3)(b) and 11(3)(b) of this Regulation, on office audits, including critical locations and on risk-oriented witness audits conducted in representative third countries.

  • Risk assessment means a programme to determine any risk associated with any hazard at a construction site, in order to identify the steps needed to be taken to remove, reduce or control such hazard;

  • self-assessment means an assessment made by a taxpayer or his representative under section 28;

  • Environmental Assessment means an assessment of the presence, storage or release of any hazardous or toxic substance, pollutant or contaminant with respect to the collateral securing a Shared-Loss Loan that has been fully or partially charged off.

  • Acoustic Assessment Report means the report, prepared in accordance with Publication NPC-233 and Appendix A of the Basic Comprehensive User Guide,by HGC Engineering and dated August 22, 2008 submitted in support of the application, that documents all sources of noise emissions and Noise Control Measures present at the Facility and includes all up-dated Acoustic Assessment Reports as required by the Documentation Requirements conditions of this Certificate to demonstrate continued compliance with the Performance Limits following the implementation of any Modification.

  • Assessment of Compliance As defined in Section 3.17.

  • Phase I Environmental Assessment A “Phase I assessment” as described in, and meeting the criteria of, the ASTM, plus a radon and asbestos inspection.

  • Assessment area means an area, or, if more than one area is designated, the

  • Development Charges or “DC” shall mean the amount charged by the Company from the Applicant(s) towards carrying out the developmental works inside or around the Project, including but not limited to the payment of the following:

  • C/D Assessment Rate for any day as applied to any ABR Loan, the annual assessment rate in effect on such day which is payable by a member of the Bank Insurance Fund maintained by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (the "FDIC") classified as well-capitalized and within supervisory subgroup "B" (or a comparable successor assessment risk classification) within the meaning of 12 C.F.R. Section 327.4 (or any successor provision) to the FDIC (or any successor) for the FDIC's (or such successor's) insuring time deposits at offices of such institution in the United States.

  • conformity assessment body means a body that performs conformity assessment activities including calibration, testing, certification and inspection;

  • Environmental Reports means “Phase I Environmental Site Assessments” as referred to in the ASTM Standards on Environmental Site Assessments for Commercial Real Estate, E 1527-013 (and, if necessary as determined in such Phase I Environmental Site Assessments, “Phase II Environmental Site Assessments”), prepared by an independent environmental auditor selected by Borrower and reasonably approved by Lender and delivered to Lender in connection with the Loan and any amendments or supplements thereto delivered to Lender, and shall also include any other environmental reports delivered to Lender pursuant to this Agreement and the Environmental Indemnity.

  • Assessment Rate means, for any day, the annual assessment rate in effect on such day that is payable by a member of the Bank Insurance Fund classified as "well-capitalized" and within supervisory subgroup "B" (or a comparable successor risk classification) within the meaning of 12 C.F.R. Part 327 (or any successor provision) to the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation for insurance by such Corporation of time deposits made in dollars at the offices of such member in the United States; provided that if, as a result of any change in any law, rule or regulation, it is no longer possible to determine the Assessment Rate as aforesaid, then the Assessment Rate shall be such annual rate as shall be determined by the Administrative Agent to be representative of the cost of such insurance to the Lenders.

  • Special Assessments means any of the following, except as otherwise provided in subsection (6):

  • conformity assessment means the process demonstrating whether the requirements of this Regulation relating to a device have been fulfilled;

  • SOS Reports means the official reports from the Secretaries of State of each Collateral State, Chief Executive Office State and the Borrower State and other applicable federal, state or local government offices identifying all current security interests filed in the Collateral and Liens of record as of the date of such report.

  • Initial assessment means an assessment conducted prior to or at admission to determine whether the individual meets the service's admission criteria; what the individual's immediate service, health, and safety needs are; and whether the provider has the capability and staffing to provide the needed services.

  • Needs assessment In this section, LEAs are asked to describe the impact of the pandemic on their students, examine disproportionate impacts on specific student groups, and highlight the LEA’s promising practices in supporting student needs since March 2020. Indicators of Impact

  • Audits means the audits and reviews carried out by the Bank or the Bank’s auditors, experts and insurers, as the case may be in accordance with the terms and conditions set out in Section 18.

  • Comprehensive assessment means the gathering of relevant social, psychological, medical and level of care information by the case manager and is used as a basis for the development of the consumer service plan.

  • Physical Conditions Report means, with respect to the Property, a report prepared by a company satisfactory to Lender regarding the physical condition of the Property, satisfactory in form and substance to Lender in its sole discretion, which report shall, among other things, (a) confirm that the Property and its use complies, in all material respects, with all applicable Legal Requirements (including, without limitation, zoning, subdivision and building laws) and (b) include a copy of a final certificate of occupancy with respect to all Improvements on the Property.