Definition of Pedersen

Pedersen means George J. Pedersen, during his life as long as he is legally competent, and thereafter Marilyn Pedersen during her life as long as she is legally competent.

Examples of Pedersen in a sentence

For the purposes hereof, the "Applicable Knowledge Group" with respect to the Company shall be Robert G. Pedersen II.
The Base Salary shall be reviewed annually by the Compensation Committee of the Board (which shall consist of John Rochon and Ronald D. Pedersen) and may, at any time after the first anniversary hereof, be increased or, subject to the terms of Section 4(a)(ii) below, decreased, by the Compensation Committee, in its sole and exclusive discretion.
To induce UGC Nevada to enter into and complete the transaction contemplated by this Agreement, Pedersen hereby represents and warrants to and covenants with UGC Nevada that he owns good and marketable title to the UGC Nova Scotia Shares as the legal and beneficial owner thereof free and clear.
Pedersen & Houpt 161 N. Clark St. Suite 3100 Chicago, IL 60601 (p) (312) 261-2200 (f) (312) 261-6895 or at such other address and/or facsimile number and/or to the attention of such other person as the recipient party has specified by written notice given to each other party five days prior to the effectiveness of such change.
None of the shares of Capital Stock to be Transferred by Pedersen or Watt pursuant to any transaction contemplated hereby are subject to any community property interest or other proprietary interest to which any spouse, whether former or present, of either Pedersen or Watt, is entitled.