Peach definition

Peach means PAETEC Holding Corp., a Delaware corporation.
Peach means Peach Aviation, Limited.
Peach means that color classified as 10R 7/8 on the Munsell System of Color Coding which shall be reproduced to within the following tolerances:

Examples of Peach in a sentence

  • Further, Georgia Peach certification is required with commissioning.

  • Peach Street • P.O. Box 8036 • Wisconsin Rapids, WI 54495-8036 Renaissance Learning, Inc.

  • C2- Provide information on any special services, such as BIM capabilities, LEED Certification, and Georgia Peach Green Certification, offered by the firm that may be relevant and available for this project.

  • OSHA Emergency Temporary Standards (ETS) Year Subject of ETSFederal RegisterCitation of ETSResult of Judicial ReviewJudicial Review Case Citation1971Asbestos36 Federal Register23207 (December 7,1971)Not challenged—1973Organophosphorous pesticides38 Federal Register10715 (May 1, 1973);amended by 38 Federal Register 17214 (June29, 1973)VacatedFlorida Peach Growers Ass'n v.

  • DISEASE: Phony Peach, a virus disease of peach and certain other stone fruits.

  • OSHA did not attempt to extend the ETS’s expiration date in any of these cases.Although the courts have not ruled directly on an attempt by OSHA to solely extend the life of an ETS, in 1974, the U.S. Court Appeals for the Fifth Circuit held in Florida Peach Growers Ass’n v.

  • Atlanta Regional Office, 401 West Peach- tree Street, NW., 10th floor, Atlanta, Georgia 30308–3519, Facsimile No.: (404) 730–2767, (Ala- bama; Florida; Georgia; Mississippi; South Carolina; and Tennessee).

  • ADJOURN Chair – Charles Emery Vice Chair – Paul PomeroySecretary – Richard Huckaby Treasurer – Dave Kovatch Members – Skip Kalb, Doug Peach, Jim Robertson, Tom Winterburn, Don Hartman, George A.

  • STORAGE OF MATERIALS during the Georgia Peach Festival must be confined within the area assigned to you.

  • Vendors are expected to carry their own insurance coverage to protect their merchandise from damage, loss, or theft incurred while participating in the Georgia Peach Festival.

More Definitions of Peach

Peach shall have the meaning ascribed to it in the Preamble.
Peach means the fruit of the tree species Prunus persica;
Peach means Peach Group Holdings, Inc.

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