Definition of PCS/LTE Services

PCS/LTE Services means, collectively or separately, any PCS Services, LTE Services or future services that, pursuant to the terms of this Agreement, are provided by the Alliances. For the sake of clarity, it is understood that neither WiFi nor WiMax is a PCS Service or an LTE Service, and future LTE data service evolutions (e.g., "5G"
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Examples of PCS/LTE Services in a sentence

The Alliances authorize the Sprint Entities to market and sell the PCS/LTE Services to Sprint Customers subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement.
The Alliances warrant that PCS/LTE Services will be of a quality and clarity no worse than PCS/LTE Services provided by the Alliances to Alliances' Customers.This Section 7.2.1 and the accompanying Schedule 4 attached hereto (collectively, "Network Performance Standards and Requirements") set forth the general, operation, performance specifications and SLAs of the Alliances Network as of the Effective Date as to voice, 1xRTT data and EVDO data.
With respect to payment for defective call detail records, Sprint may, in addition to any other rights and remedies available to Sprint, dispute such payments under the procedures set forth in Section 6.3. Additionally, Sprint will have no responsibility for paying invoices for PCS/LTE Services to the extent that the Alliances do not forward the applicable call detail records for Sprint Customers from Alliances' switches to the Alliances' platform within ten (10) days after the occurrence of such call(s).
In administering such changes or updates, the Alliances shall not knowingly or negligently interrupt, suspend, delay or adversely change the quality or functionality of the PCS/LTE Services in any material adverse manner.
Sprint shall reimburse the Alliances for all Thousand Block Number Pooling/ WLNP database "dipping" charges incurred by the Alliances on account of providing PCS/LTE Services to Sprint Customers, such payments to be invoiced and paid in the timeframes set forth in Section 6 of the Agreement.