Definition of PC Contribution Amount

PC Contribution Amount means an amount equal to $143,123,562.00, as the same may be adjusted under the terms of the Contribution Agreement.

Examples of PC Contribution Amount in a sentence

The Parties agree that the agreed fair market value of the Contribution LLC Interest (prior to any adjustments described in ARTICLE II, if any) contributed to the Company pursuant to this Agreement as of the Closing Date is One Hundred Forty-Three Million One Hundred Twenty-Three Thousand Five Hundred Sixty-Two and 0/100 Dollars ($143,123,562.00) (the "PC Contribution Amount").
The PC Contribution Amount shall be subject to adjustment as set forth in Section 1.7 and Section 2.2.
If Plum Creek elects the option under subclause (A) (and the Company does not object to such election as permitted under subclause (A)), then there shall be no adjustment to the PC Contribution Amount or the Purchase Price as a result of such Accepted Company Title Objection.
The fair market value of any portion of the Timberlands subject to any Title Failure Carveout, Accepted Company Title Objection, or Title Objection Carveout for purposes of this ARTICLE II and Section 11.2(d) shall be equal to the portion of the PC Contribution Amount or the Purchase Price, as applicable, allocated to such portion of such Timberlands pursuant to Section 1.2(c) or Section 1.4(b), as applicable.
If the Company makes the election under subclause (A) above, then the PC Contribution Amount or the Purchase Price shall be adjusted as set forth in Section 2.2(a).