Definition of Pay Telephone

Pay Telephone means a public pay telephone of the Operator.

Examples of Pay Telephone in a sentence

Whenever possible, the Public Pay Telephone Surcharge will appear on the same invoice containing the usage charges for the surcharged call.
The Public Pay Telephone Surcharge does not apply to calls placed from pay telephones at which the Customer pays for service by inserting coins during the progress of the call.
In cases where proper pay telephone coding digits are not transmitted to the Company prior to completion of a call, the Public Pay Telephone Surcharge may be billed on a subsequent invoice after the Company has obtained information from a carrier that the originating station is an eligible pay telephone.
Pay Telephone Service is the only local service available for resale to PSPs. Rates for Pay Telephone Service are established under the provisions of Section 276 of the Federal Telecommunications Act of 1996 and are not subject to a wholesale discount.
The Public Pay Telephone Surcharge applies to the initial completed call and any reoriginated call (e.g., using the "#" symbol).