Definition of Pacific International

Pacific International means Pacific International Securities Inc.

Examples of Pacific International in a sentence

For a more detailed understanding of the changes in the Allowance for Loan and Lease Losses ("ALLL"), the composition of the ALLL has been segmented for disclosure purposes between loans accounted for under the amortized cost method (referred to as "Legacy Loans") and loans acquired through the Center Financial, Pacific International and Foster transactions (referred to as "Acquired Loans").
Nothing herein contained will prevent the Corporation from issuing any other securities or rights with respect thereto during the period within which an Warrant is exercisable, upon such terms as the Corporation may deem appropriate and subject to the terms of the Agency Agreement between Pacific International Securities Inc.
Pacific International Lines (Pte.) Limited Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd., Japan 31st January 1985 and 29th March 1985.
This financing was arranged by Pacific International Securities Inc.
Ocala, FL Private 6,514,000$ Pacific International Bancorp Seattle, WA Public 6,500,000$ Liberty Bancshares, Inc.