Outsourcing Service Providers definition

Outsourcing Service Providers means third party service provider who carry out outsourced activities for the IIIO.

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The IIIO is ultimately accountable for all acts of commission and omission of the Outsourcing Service Providers.

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Person means any individual, corporation, limited liability company, partnership, joint venture, association, joint-stock company, trust, unincorporated organization or government or any agency or political subdivision thereof.
The Service Provider means the organization or firm providing the services under this Contract.
Outside Service Providers With respect to any Outside Serviced Mortgage Loan, the related Outside Trustee, Outside Custodian, Outside Certificate Administrator, Outside Paying Agent, Outside Servicer, Outside Special Servicer and any sub-servicer of any of the foregoing.
Video service provider or "provider" means a person authorized under this act to provide video service.
Service Provider Personnel means and refers to Service Provider employees or subcontractors hired and maintained to perform Services hereunder.
Sub-Service Provider means any person / firm / Organization / company /entity (other than the Service Provider) and it’s legal representatives, successors and permitted assigns named in the Contract as a Sub-Service Provider for a part of the Services or to whom a part of the Services has been sub-Contracted with the written prior consent of the Employer.
Third Party Service Provider means any consultant, agent, advisor, or independent contractor who renders services to the Company, a Subsidiary, or an Affiliate that (a) are not in connection with the offer and sale of the Company’s securities in a capital raising transaction, and (b) do not directly or indirectly promote or maintain a market for the Company’s securities.
Network Service Provider means the undertaking appointed by the ECB's Governing Council to provide computerised network connections for the purpose of submitting payment messages in TARGET2,
Internet Service Provider (ISP means an Enhanced Service Provider (ESP) that provides Internet Services.
Internet Service Provider (ISP) is an Enhanced Service Provider that provides Internet Services, and is defined in paragraph 341 of the FCC’s First Report and Order in CC Docket No. 97-158.
Local Service Provider (LSP means the LEC that provides retail local Exchange Service to an End User. The LSP may or may not provide any physical network components to support the provision of that End User’s service.
Payment Initiation Service Provider or “PISP” means a Third Party Provider that provides a service in which the PISP gives instructions to us on your behalf to carry out an Account transaction on your Online Payment Account where payments can be made using Digital Banking.
Home service provider means the same as that term is defined in Section 124(5) of Public Law 106-252 (Mobile Telecommunications Sourcing Act).
Local Service Provider or “LSP” means a non-incumbent carrier licensed by the Commission with the appropriate certification (e.g., a Certificate of Authorization or Service Provider Certificate of Authorization) and authority necessary to provide Exchange Services.
energy service provider means a natural or legal person who delivers energy services or other energy efficiency improvement measures in a final customer’s facility or premises;
New Service Provider means the Party to which an End User Customer switches its local Exchange Service or the Party to which an End User Customer is porting its telephone number(s).
Account Information Service Provider or “AISP” means a Third Party Provider that provides a service to allow you to see information in one place about payment accounts you hold with payment services providers, for example, your Account with us if it is an Online Payment Account.
payment service provider means a person whose business includes the provision of transfer of funds services;
Service Providers has the meaning set out in Section 9(e).
Wireless service provider means a person that provides wireless service to the public.
Current Service Provider means the Party from which an End User Customer is planning to switch its local Exchange Service or the Party from which an End User Customer is planning to port its telephone number(s).
Common Service Provider means a person nominated by the ICSDs to perform the role of common service provider;
Service Provider means an Employee, Director or Consultant.
Replacement Service Provider means any third party service provider appointed to perform the Services by the Purchaser from time to time.
Transmission Service Provider means the entity that administers the transmission tariff and provides transmission service to transmission customers under applicable transmission service agreements.