Outdoor Living Area definition

Outdoor Living Area means any patio, deck, barbecue, sitting area, dining area, pool, hot tub, enclosed yard or other outdoor space or amenity which is designed and/or used for outdoor living and entertainment.
Outdoor Living Area means a space associated with a residential land use that is typically used for outdoor recreational activities or an outdoor space associated with other noise-sensitive uses, including outdoor patio, deck, and balcony areas; public parks and outdoor play areas including those associated with child care facilities; outdoor patient recovery or resting areas associated with medical facilities or housing for the elderly, and similar areas as determined by the Zoning Administrator. “Outdoor Living Area” does not include any front yard area, driveway area, parking lot, maintenance area or storage area, or any exterior area at a medical facility that is not used for patient activities.
Outdoor Living Area means that portion of a Building Lot which is located immediately adjacent to a Building Structure and which is enclosed or set off in any manner to create a private outdoor area within that Building Lot. Outdoor Living Areas do not abut the public sidewalk or a street. Outdoor Living Areas generally mean the back yards of the Building Lots. Each Owner of a Building Lot is to establish his or her Outdoor Living Area in the manner and by the time set forth in Section 7.20.

Examples of Outdoor Living Area in a sentence

  • The City of Ottawa requires a Warning Clause whenever noise could meet or exceed 55 dBA 16 hour Leq at the Outdoor Living Area or Plane of Window of any living or sleeping area prior to any noise mitigation.

  • The term "Outdoor Living Area" (OLA) is used in reference to an outdoor patio, a backyard, a terrace or other area where passive recreation is expected to occur.

  • Outdoor Living Area shall be considered to be part of the Open Space requirement in Section 4.125(.08).[Section 4.125(.05)(E.) amended by Ord.

  • The areas which must be assessed for acoustic protection include the Outdoor Living Area (OLA); and the Indoor Living Environment (ILE), for both living/dining area and sleeping quarters.

  • The applicant has applied for Lot 613 to not comply with the Outdoor Living Area permitted activity standard stating this lot may not comply with a dwelling with a directly accessible Outdoor Living Area, and/or have a gradient steeper than 1 in 20 and/or no permeable areas but mainly consisting of decking.

  • The ENGC requires a Warning Clause whenever noise could meet or exceed 55 dBA 16 hour Leq at the Outdoor Living Area or Plane of Window of any living or sleeping area, in this case including the lobby and boardroom, prior to any noise mitigation.

  • Upper floor decks wider than 1,000mm can be included in the calculation of the Outdoor Living Area, but not less than 60% of the Outdoor Living Area shall be provided at ground level.

  • The term "Outdoor Living Area" (OLA) is used in reference to an outdoor patio, a backyard, a terrace, a playground, or common areas associated with high-rise multi-unit buildings where passive outdoor recreation is expected to occur.

  • Under Council Policy P350.2, the permitted height of residential boundary walls (parapets), adjacent to neighbouring Outdoor Living Areas, is a maximum of 2.7 metres high from the neighbour’s ground level, whereas the proposed wall does not abut an Outdoor Living Area; therefore, the proposed development complies with this element of the policy.

  • However, the Acceptable Development standards of element 6.4.2 of the R-Codes, requires Outdoor Living Areas be “behind the street set-back area”, as an Outdoor Living Area is sensitive and private place which needs to be located within the private realm.

More Definitions of Outdoor Living Area

Outdoor Living Area means the part of a yard easily accessible from the building and designed for the quite enjoyment of the outdoor environment which is protected from impacts from noise and having no dimension less than 3.0 metres (9.8 ft.).

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