Other watercourse definition

Other watercourse means any canal, ditch, or other artificial watercourse in which water usually flows in a defined bed or channel. It is not essential that the flowing be uniform or uninterrupted. [Section 373.019(14), F.S.]

Examples of Other watercourse in a sentence

  • Other watercourse treaties between Belgium and its neighbouring countries do not foresee the installa­ tion of permanent commissions empowered to deal with transbou ndary pollution issues (10), although some of them make the collection and exchange of data between technical departments compulsory (11).

  • Environmental Antecedent Activity (excluding ELF “Family” Activities) The destructive level of environmental terrorism soared from 1995-2001.

Related to Other watercourse

  • Watercourse means a channel in which a flow of water occurs, either continuously or intermittently.

  • Other wastes means decayed wood, sawdust, shavings, bark, lime, garbage, refuse, ashes, offal, tar, oil, chemicals, and all other substances, except industrial wastes and sewage, which may cause pollution in any state waters.

  • Scavenging means the unauthorized removal of solid waste from a facility.

  • Storm water or wastewater collection system means piping, pumps, conduits, and any other equipment necessary to collect and transport the flow of surface water run-off resulting from precipitation, or domestic, commercial, or industrial wastewater to and from retention areas or any areas where treatment is designated to occur. The collection of storm water and wastewater does not include treatment except where incidental to conveyance.

  • Irrigation means application of water to land areas to supply the water needs of

  • Exfiltration means any unauthorized release of data from within an information system. This includes copying the data through covert network channels or the copying of data to unauthorized media.

  • Potable means water suitable for drinking by the public.

  • Nontransient noncommunity water system means a public water system that is not a community water system and that regularly serves at least the same 25 persons over 6 months per year.

  • business waste means waste that emanates from premises that are used wholly or mainly for commercial, retail, wholesale, entertainment or government administration purposes, which include:

  • Underground injection means the subsurface emplacement of fluids through a bored, drilled or driven well; or through a dug well, where the depth of the dug well is greater than the largest surface dimension. (See also “injection well”.)

  • Drainage system means one or more artificial ditches, tile drains or similar devices which collect surface runoff or groundwater and convey it to a point of discharge.

  • Dewatering means the removal of water for construction activity. It can be a discharge of appropriated surface or groundwater to dry and/or solidify a construction site. It may require Minnesota Department of Natural Resources permits to be appropriated and if contaminated may require other MPCA permits to be discharged.

  • fire hydrant means a fire plug or fixed pillar fire hydrant;

  • Noncommunity water system means a public water system that is not a community water system.

  • Overflow means the intentional or unintentional diversion of flow from the collection and transport systems, including pumping facilities.

  • Sedimentation means a process for removal of solids before filtration by gravity or separation.

  • Process Wastewater means any water which, during manufacturing or processing, comes into direct contact with or results from the production or use of any raw material, intermediate product, finished product, by-product, or waste product.

  • Radioactive Products or Waste means any radioactive material produced in, or any material made radioactive by exposure to the radiation incidental to the production or utilization of nuclear fuel, but does not include radioisotopes which have reached the final stage of fabrication so as to be usable for any scientific, medical, agricultural, commercial or industrial purpose.

  • Geothermal fluid means water in any form at temperatures greater than 120

  • Practice of acupuncture means the stimulation of certain points on or near the surface of the body

  • Water-oriented use means a use that is water-dependent, water-related, or water-enjoyment, or a combination of such uses.

  • Drainage means the movement of water to a place of disposal, whether by way of the natural characteristics of the ground surface or by artificial means;

  • In-stream Waste Concentration or "(IWC)" means the concentration of a discharge in the receiving water after mixing has occurred in the allocated zone of influence.

  • Stormwater system means constructed and natural features which function together as a system to collect, convey, channel, hold, inhibit, retain, detain, infiltrate, divert, treat, or filter stormwater. “Stormwater system” includes both public and privately owned features.

  • Filtration means a process for removing particulate matter from water by passage through porous media.

  • Wastewater collection system means the sewer and pumping system used for the collection and conveyance of domestic, commercial and industrial wastewater; and