Other Costs and Expenses definition

Other Costs and Expenses shall include any and all amounts to be paid by Tenant to Landlord under the terms of this Lease other than Base Rent or Tenant's proportionate share of the increase in Real Estate Taxes. All such other costs and expenses shall be due and payable to Landlord on or before fifteen (15) days after written demand.
Other Costs and Expenses. Has the meaning specified in Section 8.5.

Examples of Other Costs and Expenses in a sentence

  • Defence Costs and Other Costs and Expenses Where We agree to provide Cover to You for a Claim under this Policy We will also pay in addition to the Limit of Liability the following amounts in respect of that Claim: a.

  • Entitlement to Post-Petition Interest at a Rate Other than the Plan Rate and Reimbursement of Attorneys’ Fees and Other Costs and Expenses.

  • Other Costs and Expenses ................................................................................................................

  • This amount usually includes costs and servicing plus legal fees eventually owed by the party that looses the case and is set at 10 to 20% of the value of the case.2. Other Costs and Expenses Outside costs of litigation are not included in the attorney fee base.

  • INDEMNIFICATION 17 Section 6.1 Indemnities by Seller 17 Section 6.2 Other Costs and Expenses 19 ARTICLE VII.

  • Other Costs and Expenses means reasonable costs and expenses incurred by the Company or with its written consent a.

  • Other Costs and Expenses..............................................................................................................................

  • Other Costs and Expenses...................................................................................................................................................

  • Other Costs and Expenses.............................................................................................................................................................

  • Other Costs and Expenses ......................................................................................................................

Related to Other Costs and Expenses

  • Costs and Expenses means any actual, provable, reasonable, customary and direct out-of-pocket costs and expenses incurred by such Fund. Costs and Expenses shall not include, and in no event shall BNY Mellon be liable under this Agreement for, any lift-out expenses or platform development costs for the successor service provider or any wind-down costs of the Fund or any Fund Affiliate, including, without limitation, non-cancelable payments or termination charges regarding hosting and/or any other subcontracted services. The Fund must provide BNY Mellon with written evidence of the Costs and Expenses before BNY Mellon is obligated to pay them. The Fund also has a duty to mitigate, and must exercise its duty to mitigate, such Costs and Expenses.

  • Attorneys’ Fees and Expenses as used above, shall mean all fees and expenses of attorneys, including but not limited to the fees and expenses of the Company’s or its affiliates’ in-house attorneys providing legal advice on coverage questions and/or defending the Company or a Legal Entity in coverage litigation, and fees and expenses of staff counsel in the defense of policyholder claims. Such Attorneys’ Fees and Expenses for in-house attorneys and staff counsel shall be calculated at the rate for such attorneys plus the expenses incurred by such attorneys, but excluding office expenses of the Company and its affiliates and salaries and expenses of their other employees which constitute Unallocated Loss Adjustment Expense.

  • Other Costs Defined in Section 13.9(c).

  • Expenses shall include all direct and indirect costs, fees and expenses of any type or nature whatsoever, including, without limitation, all reasonable attorneys’ fees and costs, retainers, court costs, transcript costs, fees of experts, witness fees, travel expenses, fees of private investigators and professional advisors, duplicating costs, printing and binding costs, telephone charges, postage, delivery service fees, fax transmission charges, secretarial services and all other disbursements, obligations or expenses in connection with prosecuting, defending, preparing to prosecute or defend, investigating, being or preparing to be a witness in, settlement or appeal of, or otherwise participating in, a Proceeding (as defined below), including reasonable compensation for time spent by Indemnitee for which he or she is not otherwise compensated by the Company or any third party. Expenses also shall include Expenses incurred in connection with any appeal resulting from any Proceeding (as defined below), including without limitation the principal, premium, security for, and other costs relating to any cost bond, supersedeas bond, or other appeal bond or its equivalent. Expenses, however, shall not include amounts paid in settlement by Indemnitee or the amount of judgments or fines against Indemnitee.

  • Costs means, with respect to the Non-Defaulting Party, (a) brokerage fees, commissions and other similar third party transaction costs and expenses reasonably incurred by such Party either in terminating any arrangement pursuant to which it has hedged its obligations or in entering into new arrangements which replace the Terminated Transaction; and (b) all reasonable attorneys’ fees and expenses incurred by the Non-Defaulting Party in connection with the termination of the Transaction.

  • Attorneys’ Fees and Costs means: (i) fees and out of pocket costs of Lender’s and Loan Servicer’s attorneys, as applicable, including costs of Lender’s and Loan Servicer’s in-house counsel, support staff costs, costs of preparing for litigation, computerized research, telephone and facsimile transmission expenses, mileage, deposition costs, postage, duplicating, process service, videotaping and similar costs and expenses; (ii) costs and fees of expert witnesses, including appraisers; (iii) investigatory fees; and (iv) costs for any opinion required by Lender pursuant to the terms of the Loan Documents.

  • Trust Fees and Expenses means all accrued and unpaid Trustees’ fees, any amounts due to the Trustees for reimbursement of expenses or in respect of indemnification and other administrative fees of the Trust.

  • Legal Expenses means the fees, costs and expenses of any kind incurred by any Person indemnified herein and its counsel in investigating, preparing for, defending against or providing evidence, producing documents or taking other action with respect to any threatened or asserted Claim.

  • Trustee Fees and Expenses As compensation for and in payment of trust expenses related to its services hereunder other than Extraordinary Trust Expenses, the Trustee will receive Trustee Fees on each Distribution Date in the amount equal to $3,750. The Trustee Fee shall cease to accrue after termination of the Trust. The "Trigger Amount" with respect to Extraordinary Trust Expenses for the Trust is $25,000 and the Maximum Reimbursable Amount is $100,000. The Trustee Fee will be paid by the Expense Administrator. Expenses will be reimbursed by the Expense Administrator in accordance with the Expense Administration Agreement.

  • Costs and fees means all reasonable pre-award expenses of the arbitration, including the arbitrators' fees, administrative fees, travel expenses, out-of-pocket expenses such as copying and telephone, court costs, witness fees, and attorneys' fees; and

  • Legal Costs of a person means legal costs incurred by that person in defending an action for a Liability of that person.

  • Fees and Expenses means the fees you will charge us for the time you spend and the costs you incur in providing the Services to us. The Fees and Expenses you are entitled to charge are shown in section 3 of Part A.

  • Attorneys’ Fees means the full and actual cost of any legal services actually performed in connection with the matter involved calculated on the basis of the usual fee charged by the attorney performing such services and shall not be limited to "reasonable attorneys' fees" as defined in any statute or rule of court.

  • Overhead costs means the actual costs incurred or the estimated costs to be

  • Litigation Costs All costs reasonably incurred by Lessor in connection with the enforcement of any provision of this Lease and/or in connection with any third-party claim against Lessor or any Leased Property arising on account of or in connection with any default or Event of Default hereunder by Tenant, including, without limitation, costs reasonably incurred by Lessor in investigating, settling and/or prosecuting claims and for attorney’s and legal assistant fees and expenses, court costs and fees and consultant and witness fees and expenses.

  • Litigation Expenses means costs and expenses incurred in connection with commencing, prosecuting and settling the Action (which may include the costs and expenses of Plaintiffs directly related to their representation of the Settlement Class), for which Lead Counsel intends to apply to the Court for reimbursement from the Settlement Fund.

  • Indemnification Expenses means documented out-of-pocket attorneys’ fees and expenses and all other reasonable and documented out-of-pocket costs, expenses and obligations (including experts’ fees, travel expenses, court costs, retainers, transcript fees, duplicating, printing and binding costs, as well as telecommunications, postage and courier charges) paid or incurred in connection with investigating, defending, being a witness in or participating in (including on appeal), or preparing to investigate, defend, be a witness in or participate in, any Claim for which indemnification is sought pursuant to this Section 7.10(a), including any Action relating to a claim for indemnification or advancement brought by an Indemnified Party; and (z) the phrase “to the fullest extent authorized or permitted by applicable Law” includes, but is not limited to (1) to the fullest extent authorized or permitted by any provision of the DRULPA and the DLLCA that authorizes or permits additional indemnification by agreement or otherwise, or the corresponding provision of any amendment to or replacement of the DRULPA and the DLLCA and (2) to the fullest extent authorized or permitted by any amendments to or replacements of the DRULPA and the DLLCA adopted after the date of this Agreement that increase the extent to which an entity may indemnify its directors, officers, trustees, employees, agents, or fiduciaries or Persons serving in any capacity in which any Indemnified Party serves. Any amendment, alteration or repeal of the DRULPA or the DLLCA that adversely affects any right of any Indemnified Party will be prospective only and does not limit or eliminate any such right with respect to any Claim or Action involving any occurrence or alleged occurrence of any action or omission to act that took place prior to such amendment or repeal. Neither Parent nor the Surviving Entity will settle, compromise or consent to the entry of any judgment in any actual or threatened Claim or Action in respect of which indemnification has been or could be sought by such Indemnified Party hereunder unless such settlement, compromise or judgment includes an unconditional release of such Indemnified Party from all liability arising out of such Claim or Action without admission or finding of wrongdoing, or such Indemnified Party otherwise consents thereto.

  • Incurred shall have meanings correlative to the foregoing); provided, however, that a change in GAAP that results in an obligation (including, without limitation, preferred stock, temporary equity, mezzanine equity or similar classification) of such Person that exists at such time, and is not theretofore classified as Indebtedness, becoming Indebtedness shall not be deemed an Incurrence of such Indebtedness; provided further, however, that any Indebtedness or other obligations of a Person existing at the time such Person becomes a Subsidiary (whether by merger, consolidation, acquisition or otherwise) shall be deemed to be Incurred by such Subsidiary at the time it becomes a Subsidiary; and provided further, however, that solely for purposes of determining compliance with Section 4.05, amortization of debt discount shall not be deemed to be the Incurrence of Indebtedness, provided that in the case of Indebtedness sold at a discount, the amount of such Indebtedness Incurred shall at all times be the aggregate principal amount at stated maturity.

  • Claim Expenses means reasonable attorneys’ fees and all other reasonable out-of-pocket costs, expenses and obligations (including experts’ fees, travel expenses, court costs, retainers, transcript fees, duplicating, printing and binding costs, as well as telecommunications, postage and courier charges) paid or incurred in connection with investigating, defending, being a witness in or participating in (including on appeal), or preparing to investigate, defend, be a witness in or participate in, any D&O Claim for which indemnification is authorized pursuant to this Section 6.6(a), including any action relating to a claim for indemnification or advancement brought by a D&O Indemnified Party. No D&O Indemnifying Party shall settle, compromise or consent to the entry of any judgment in any actual or threatened D&O Claim in respect of which indemnification has been sought by such D&O Indemnified Party hereunder unless such settlement, compromise or judgment includes an unconditional release of such D&O Indemnified Party from all liability arising out of such D&O Claim, or such D&O Indemnified Party otherwise consents thereto.

  • Attorneys in this Subsection and elsewhere in this Instrument shall include without limitation any attorney or law firm engaged by Agent and Agent’s in-house counsel, and all references to “fees and expenses” in this Subsection and elsewhere in this Instrument shall include without limitation any fees of such attorney or law firm and any allocation charges and allocation costs of Agent’s in-house counsel.

  • Related Expenses means any and all costs, liabilities, and expenses (including, without limitation, losses, damages, penalties, claims, actions, reasonable attorneys’ fees, legal expenses, judgments, suits, and disbursements) (a) incurred by, imposed upon, or asserted against, Agent in any attempt by Agent to (i) obtain, preserve, perfect, or enforce any security interest evidenced by this Agreement or any Loan Document; (ii) obtain payment, performance, and observance of any and all of the Secured Debt; or (iii) maintain, insure, audit, collect, preserve, repossess, and dispose of any of the Collateral securing the Secured Debt or any thereof, including, without limitation, costs and expenses for appraisals, assessments, field examinations, site visits and audits of the Credit Parties or any such Collateral, in each case permitted pursuant to, and subject to the limitations of, this Agreement and the other Loan Documents; or (b) incidental or related to (a) above, including, without limitation, interest thereupon from the date incurred, imposed or asserted until paid at the Default Rate.

  • Fees means all amounts payable pursuant to, or referred to in, Section 4.1.

  • O&M Expenses means expenses incurred by or on behalf of the Developer or by the Authority, as the case may be, for all O&M including (a) cost of salaries and other compensation to employees, (b) cost of materials, supplies, utilities and other services, (c) insurance premium, (d) all taxes, duties, cess and fees due and payable for O&M, (e) all repair, replacement, reconstruction, reinstatement, improvement and maintenance costs, (f) payments required to be made under the O&M Contract, or any other contract in connection with or incidental to O&M, and (g) all other expenditure required to be incurred under Applicable Laws, Applicable Permits or this Agreement.

  • Direct Costs means those expendi- tures which the Commission actually incurs in searching for and duplicating (and, in the case of commercial use re- questors, reviewing) documents to re- spond to a FOIA request. Direct costs include the salary of the employee per- forming the work (the basic rate of pay for the employee plus 16 percent of that rate to cover benefits) and the cost of operating duplicating equipment. Di- rect costs do not include overhead ex- penses such as the cost of space and heating or lighting the facility in which the records are stored.

  • Attorney Costs means and includes all reasonable fees, expenses and disbursements of any law firm or other external counsel.

  • Incidental Expenses means those expenses incidental to the performance of construction pursuant to an Interconnection Construction Service Agreement, including, but not limited to, the expense of temporary construction power, telecommunications charges, Interconnected Transmission Owner expenses associated with, but not limited to, document preparation, design review, installation, monitoring, and construction-related operations and maintenance for the Customer Facility and for the Interconnection Facilities.