Definition of OpCo Lenders

OpCo Lenders means those certain lenders party to the OpCo Credit Facility.

Examples of OpCo Lenders in a sentence

In the event of any Proceeding involving an Obligor, the OpCo Lenders are entitled to receive Payment in Full of all monetary obligations due under any Senior Debt Obligations prior to any Payment or Distribution to the Purchaser on account of the Notes.
The Purchaser shall promptly, and in no event later than two (2) Business Days, pay such payment or distribution over to the OpCo Administrative Agent on behalf of the OpCo Lenders in the same form of payment received by the Purchaser with appropriate endorsements, for application to the Senior Debt Obligations.
Each of the OpCo Lenders, the OpCo Administrative Agent and OpCo Required Lenders may demand specific performance of the terms hereof and each of the parties hereto hereby irrevocably waives any defense based on the adequacy of a remedy at law and any other defense that might be asserted to bar the remedy of specific performance in any action which may be brought by the OpCo Lenders, OpCo Administrative Agent or OpCo Required Lenders.
Each of the OpCo Lenders and the OpCo Administrative Agent is an express third party beneficiary of SS18.14, this SS20, and any provisions relating to Permitted Refinancing Indebtedness, and in each case the related definitions and shall be entitled to enforce the terms hereof against the parties hereto as if the OpCo Lenders or OpCo Administrative Agent were a party hereto.
To the extent that a term in the Plan is ambiguous (1) prior to the Effective Date, the OpCo Debtors and the steering committee for the OpCo Lenders may jointly interpret such term in their exclusive discretion or seek clarification from the Bankruptcy Court, and (2) after the Effective Date, the Reorganized OpCo Corporation may interpret such term in its sole discretion or seek clarification from the Bankruptcy Court.