Ontario Film Action definition

Ontario Film Action means the proceeding commenced by the Ontario Film Plaintiff before the Ontario Court as identified in Schedule A to this Settlement Agreement.
Ontario Film Action means the proceeding commenced by the Ontario Plaintiff before the Ontario Court as identified in Schedule “B” to this Settlement Agreement.

Examples of Ontario Film Action in a sentence

  • The Parties shall use their best efforts to implement this Settlement Agreement and to secure the prompt, complete and final dismissal with prejudice of the Proceedings as against the Settling Defendants in the Ontario Electrolytic Action, Ontario Film Action, andBC Electrolytic Action, and to promptly file a notice of settlement out of court in the Québec Action as against the Settling Defendants.

  • If the Ontario Court declines to certify for settlement purposes the Ontario Film Action with a class including all Film Settlement Class Members, the Plaintiffs will seek separate orders from each of the Courts in respect of the Film Proceedings and the Québec Action on terms, agreed with the Settling Defendants, which facilitate a binding nationwide settlement and release of all Released Film Claims by all Film Settlement Class Members.

  • THIS COURT ORDERS that, except to the extent that they are modified in this Order, the definitions set out in the Settlement Agreement apply to and are incorporated into this Order.2. THIS COURT ORDERS that the Ontario Film Action is certified as a class proceeding as against the Settling Defendants for settlement purposes only.

  • The Film Plaintiffs and the Settling Defendants agree that the orders in the Ontario Film Action approving this Settlement Agreement must contain a bar order in respect of the Ontario Film Action in the same form contemplated by Sections 8.1(1) and8.1(2), with necessary modification.

  • The Ontario order approving the Notice of Certification and Approval Hearings and certifying the Ontario Film Action for settlement purposes described in Section 2.2(1) shall be proposed to the Ontario Court substantially in the form attached as Schedule “C”.

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  • Collection Action means (a) to demand, xxx for, take or receive (other than as permitted hereunder) from or on behalf of any Obligor by set-off or in any other manner, the whole or any part of any moneys which may now or hereafter be owing by any Obligor with respect to the Junior Obligations, (b) to initiate or participate with others in any suit, action or proceeding against any Obligor to (i) enforce payment of or to collect the whole or any part of the Junior Obligations, or (ii) commence judicial enforcement of any of the rights and remedies under the Junior Debt Documents or applicable law with respect to the Junior Obligations or the Junior Debt Documents, or (c) to accelerate any Junior Obligations.

  • Ontario Court means the Ontario Superior Court of Justice.

  • Enforcement Action means, with respect to the First Priority Obligations or the Second Priority Obligations, the exercise of any rights and remedies with respect to any Common Collateral securing such obligations or the commencement or prosecution of enforcement of any of the rights and remedies with respect to the Common Collateral under, as applicable, the First Priority Documents or the Second Priority Documents, or applicable law, including without limitation the exercise of any rights of set-off or recoupment, and the exercise of any rights or remedies of a secured creditor under the Uniform Commercial Code of any applicable jurisdiction or under the Bankruptcy Code.

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  • Emergency Action means any emergency action for locational or system-wide capacity shortages that either utilizes pre-emergency mandatory load management reductions or other emergency capacity, or initiates a more severe action including, but not limited to, a Voltage Reduction Warning, Voltage Reduction Action, Manual Load Dump Warning, or Manual Load Dump Action.

  • Bankruptcy Case has the meaning assigned to such term in Section 2.05(b).

  • Third Party Action means any suit or proceeding by a person or entity other than a Party for which indemnification may be sought by a Party under Article VI.

  • Civil action means all suits or claims of a civil nature in a state or federal court, whether cognizable as cases at law or in equity or admiralty. "Civil action" does not include any of the following:

  • Lawsuit means any lawsuit, arbitration or other dispute resolution filed by either party herein pertaining to any of this Warrant, the Facility Agreement and the Registration Rights Agreement.

  • Tax Action means (a) an amendment to, change in or announced proposed change in the laws (or any regulations thereunder) of the United States or any political subdivision or taxing authority thereof or therein, (b) a judicial decision interpreting, applying or clarifying such laws or regulations, (c) an administrative pronouncement or action that represents an official position (including a clarification of an official position) of the governmental authority or regulatory body making such administrative pronouncement or taking such action, or (d) a threatened challenge asserted in connection with an audit of the Company or any of its subsidiaries, the Partnership, or the Trust, or a threatened challenge asserted in writing against any other taxpayer that has raised capital through the issuance of securities that substantially similar to the Securities, the Partnership Preferred Securities, or the Trust Preferred Securities, which amendment or change is adopted or which decision, pronouncement or proposed change is announced or which action, clarification or challenge occurs on or after the date of the prospectus related to the issuance of the Trust Preferred Securities.

  • Adverse action means any administrative, civil, equitable or criminal action permitted by a state's laws which is imposed by a licensing board or other authority against a nurse, including actions against an individual's license or multistate licensure privilege such as revocation, suspension, probation, monitoring of the licensee, limitation on the licensee's practice, or any other encumbrance on licensure affecting a nurse's authorization to practice, including issuance of a cease and desist action.

  • Action shall have the meaning ascribed to such term in Section 3.1(j).

  • Transaction Litigation means any claim or Legal Proceeding (including any class action or derivative litigation) asserted or commenced by, on behalf of or in the name of, against or otherwise involving the Company, the Company Board, any committee thereof and/or any of the Company’s directors or officers relating directly or indirectly to this Agreement, the Offer, the Merger or any related transaction (including any such claim or Legal Proceeding based on allegations that the Company’s entry into this Agreement or the terms and conditions of this Agreement or any related transaction constituted a breach of the fiduciary duties of any member of the Company Board, any member of the Board of Directors of any of the Company’s Subsidiaries or any officer of the Company or any of its Subsidiaries).