oil marketing company definition

oil marketing company means a company licensed by the Authority to import petroleum into the country and is eligible to participate in the open tender system;
oil marketing company means a company registered as an oil marketing company by law in Ghana and licensed under this Act to procure and sell petroleum products to bulk customers and the general public through retail stations and reseller outlets;
oil marketing company means a company, organisation or other person having right, under the

Examples of oil marketing company in a sentence

  • Tank trucks which are currently operating in contract under IOC/BPC/HPC will not be required to be physically verified, if the bidder has submitted the copy of last one loading challan of Oil Marketing Company( IOC/BPC/HPC) on or after 01.01.2018.

  • Fulfil Multiple Dealership/Distributorship norms, which means the applicant or any other member of ‘family unit’ should not hold a Dealership/LPG Distributorship or Letter of Intent (LOI) for a Dealership/LPG distributorship of any PSU Oil Marketing Company.

  • An Oil Marketing Company (OMC), registered with Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) and having a valid license from Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) for establishment of new site(s).

  • The SPV or its contracted HSD Oil Marketing Company shall make HSD available to the Developer.

  • Packed trucks which are currently operating in contract under IOCL/BPCL/HPCL will not be required to be physically verified if the bidder has submitted the copy of loading challan (three months prior from the closing date of tender) of Oil Marketing Company (IOCL/BPCL/HPCL).

  • NIPCO Plc is an Oil Marketing Company in Nigeria which is engaged in the supply and distribution of petroleum products to independent marketers as well as retail consumers of the nation.

  • In 2015 more than ever, we will remain committed to a reliable delivery of quality products and services in a safe, profitable and responsible manner, making Total Kenya the reference Oil Marketing Company in Kenya.

  • This Guarantee shall unconditionally and irrevocably extend to the obligations of OEC, Oil Marketing Company (SOMO), Transporter, and any Affiliate of ROC or the Ministry of Oil, which becomes a Party to the Contract and any references in the Guarantee to ROC shall be construed accordingly.

  • The SKO dealer applying for RGGLV will have to submit documentary proof of Kerosene allocation issued by the allocating authority of the State Govt./Divisional/Territory/Regional Office of the Oil Marketing Company, as the case may beThe aforementioned Multiple Dealership/Distributorship norms shall not be applicable to retailers/distributors appointed by PSU Oil Marketing Companies for exclusive marketing of NDNE (Non Domestic Non Essential) LPG cylinders.

  • If PD is an Oil Marketing Company (OMC), Ethanol Purchase Agreement (EPA) shall not be required.

More Definitions of oil marketing company

oil marketing company means a company that operates (company owned, company operated) three or more petroleum retail service stations; procures and sells petroleum products to bulk consumers and the general public through petroleum product retail stations and reselling outlets.
oil marketing company means a company, organisation or other person having right, under the authority of the Government or otherwise, of marketing petroleum in Bangladesh;

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