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  • OEPA QLs may be expressed as Practical Quantification Levels (PQL) or Minimum Levels (ML).

  • For maximum effluent limits, any value reported below the OEPA QL shall be considered in compliance with the effluent limit.

  • Compliance with an effluent limit that is below the OEPA QL is determined in accordance with ORC Section 6111.13 and OAC Rule 3745-33-07(C).

  • For average effluent limits, compliance shall be determined by taking the arithmetic mean of values reported for a specified averaging period, using zero (0) for any value reported at a concentration less than the OEPA QL, and comparing that mean to the appropriate average effluent limit.

  • REPORTING: All analytical results, even those below the OEPA QL (listed below), shall be reported.

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