NWEN Programme Hedge Counterparties definition

NWEN Programme Hedge Counterparties means any NWEN Hedge Counterparties and any Issuer Hedge Counterparties;

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Hedge Counterparty means a Lender, the Administrative Agent or any of the Lender’s or the Administrative Agent’s affiliates (at the time a hedging agreement is entered into) who has entered into a hedging agreement for the purpose of hedging interest rate liabilities and/or any exchange rate and/or commodity price risks provided it has become a party, or by execution of an additional bank secured party acknowledgment has agreed to be bound by the terms of, to the First Lien Intercreditor Agreement in its capacity as hedge counterparty.
Counterparties , which means any party that contributes to, executes, implements, bids for, benefits from, or in any way participates in, Fund-related Activities, including receiving, or being a beneficiary of, a grant, loan or other form of financing or support from the Fund,
Secured Cash Management Agreement means any Cash Management Agreement that is entered into by and between any Loan Party and any Cash Management Bank.
Specified Cash Management Agreement any agreement providing for treasury, depositary, purchasing card or cash management services, including in connection with any automated clearing house transfers of funds or any similar transactions between the Borrower or any Guarantor and any Lender or affiliate thereof.
Credit Enhancement Agreements means, collectively, any documents, instruments, guarantees or agreements entered into by the Issuer, any of its Restricted Subsidiaries or any Securitization Entity for the purpose of providing credit support (that is reasonably customary as determined by Issuer’s senior management) with respect to any Permitted Funding Indebtedness or Permitted Securitization Indebtedness.
Hedging Counterparty means a broker-dealer registered under Section 15(b) of the Exchange Act or an Affiliate thereof.
Hedging Agreement Provider means any Person that enters into a Secured Hedging Agreement with a Credit Party or any of its Subsidiaries that is permitted by Section 6.1(e) to the extent such Person is a Lender, an Affiliate of a Lender or any other Person that was a Lender (or an Affiliate of a Lender) at any time (or whose Affiliate has ceased to be a Lender) under the Credit Agreement; provided, in the case of a Secured Hedging Agreement with a Person who is no longer a Lender, such Person shall be considered a Hedging Agreement Provider only through the stated maturity date (without extension or renewal) of such Secured Hedging Agreement.
Hedge Counterparty Ratings Requirement means (a) either (i) the unsecured, short-term debt obligations of the substitute counterparty (or its Credit Support Provider) are rated at least “A-1” by S&P or (ii) if the substitute counterparty does not have a short-term rating from S&P, the unsecured, long-term senior debt obligations of the substitute counterparty (or its Credit Support Provider) are rated at least “A+” by S&P, and (b) either (i) the unsecured, long-term senior debt obligations of such substitute counterparty (or its Credit Support Provider) are rated at least “A” by Fitch or (ii) the unsecured, short-term debt obligations of such substitute counterparty (or its Credit Support Provider) are rated at least “F1” by Fitch. For the purpose of this definition, no direct or indirect recourse against one or more shareholders of the substitute counterparty (or against any Person in control of, or controlled by, or under common control with, any such shareholder) shall be deemed to constitute a guarantee, security or support of the obligations of the substitute counterparty.
Cash Management Agreements means those certain cash management service agreements, in form and substance satisfactory to Agent, each of which is among Administrative Borrower, Agent, and one of the Cash Management Banks.
Cash Management Arrangements means all cash management arrangements pursuant to which Honeywell or its Subsidiaries automatically or manually sweep cash from, or automatically or manually transfer cash to, accounts of SpinCo or any member of the SpinCo Group.
central counterparty means a person or company that interposes itself between the counterparties to securities or derivatives transactions in one or more financial markets, acting functionally as the buyer to every seller and the seller to every buyer or the counterparty to every party;
Eligible Counterparty means, for purposes of the Credit Support Document, a Relevant Entity with the S&P Second Trigger Required Ratings.
Cash Management Agreement means any agreement to provide cash management services, including treasury, depository, overdraft, credit or debit card, electronic funds transfer and other cash management arrangements.
Cash Management Bank means any Person that, at the time it enters into a Cash Management Agreement, is a Lender or an Affiliate of a Lender, in its capacity as a party to such Cash Management Agreement.
Program Support Agreement means and includes any Liquidity Agreement and any other agreement entered into by any Program Support Provider providing for: (a) the issuance of one or more letters of credit for the account of any Conduit Purchaser, (b) the issuance of one or more surety bonds for which the such Conduit Purchaser is obligated to reimburse the applicable Program Support Provider for any drawings thereunder, (c) the sale by such Conduit Purchaser to any Program Support Provider of the Purchased Interest (or portions thereof) maintained by such Conduit Purchaser and/or (d) the making of loans and/or other extensions of credit to any Conduit Purchaser in connection with such Conduit Purchaser’s securitization program contemplated in this Agreement, together with any letter of credit, surety bond or other instrument issued thereunder.
Lender Counterparty means each Lender, each Agent and each of their respective Affiliates counterparty to a Hedge Agreement (including any Person who is an Agent or a Lender (and any Affiliate thereof) as of the Closing Date but subsequently, whether before or after entering into a Hedge Agreement, ceases to be an Agent or a Lender, as the case may be).
Bank Products Provider means any Lender or Affiliate of a Lender that provides Bank Products to the Borrower or any Guarantor.
Eligible Swap Counterparty means an entity, which may be an affiliate of a remarketing agent, engaged in the business of entering into derivative instrument contracts that satisfies the Rating Agency Condition.
Currency Swap Counterparty means an unaffiliated third party, as currency swap counterparty, under the Currency Swap Agreement, or any successor or replacement Currency Swap Counterparty from time to time.
Designated Hedge Agreement means any Hedge Agreement (other than a Commodities Hedge Agreement) to which the Borrower or any of its Subsidiaries is a party and as to which a Lender or any of its Affiliates is a counterparty that, pursuant to a written instrument signed by the Administrative Agent, has been designated as a Designated Hedge Agreement so that the Borrower’s or such Subsidiary’s counterparty’s credit exposure thereunder will be entitled to share in the benefits of the Guaranty to the extent the Guaranty provides guarantees for creditors of the Borrower or any Subsidiary under Designated Hedge Agreements.
Derivative Counterparty means any party to any Derivative Agreement other than the Issuer or the Indenture Trustee.
Credit Facility Provider means the issuer of or obligor under a Credit Facility.
Rate Hedging Agreement means an agreement, device or arrangement providing for payments which are related to fluctuations of interest rates, exchange rates or forward rates, including, but not limited to, dollar-denominated or cross-currency interest rate exchange agreements, forward currency exchange agreements, interest rate cap or collar protection agreements, forward rate currency or interest rate options, puts and warrants.
Credit Enhancement Agreement means the Agreement among the Sellers, the Master Servicer, the Trustee and the Credit Enhancement Provider with respect to the Credit Enhancement.
Program Support Provider means and includes with respect to each Conduit Purchaser any Liquidity Provider and any other Person (other than any customer of such Conduit Purchaser) now or hereafter extending credit or having a commitment to extend credit to or for the account of, or to make purchases from, such Conduit Purchaser pursuant to any Program Support Agreement.
Cash Management Document means any certificate, agreement or other document executed by any Loan Party in respect of the Cash Management Obligations of any Loan Party.