Definition of Nuvectra Deliverables

Nuvectra Deliverables means those work products to be furnished by Nuvectra to Aleva under this Agreement, consistent with the Project Plan and as specified in Exhibit B hereto. 1.25
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Examples of Nuvectra Deliverables in a sentence

Nuvectra shall use Commercially Reasonable Efforts to perform all of the Nuvectra Activities and deliver the Nuvectra Deliverables within the timelines contemplated therein and at a cost not to exceed the amounts budgeted in the Project Plan.
At the end of each calendar month, the Program Managers of each Party shall meet in person or by teleconference to review those activities that were conducted in that calendar month and shall produce a written document summarizing the Nuvectra Deliverables that were accepted by Aleva and those Nuvectra Deliverables that were rejected by Aleva, along with the reasons for their rejection ("Monthly Progress Report").
This development support shall be provided by Nuvectra free-of-charge until such time the Nuvectra Activities have been completed and the Nuvectra Deliverables transferred to and accepted by Aleva.