Definition of Nu-Mex Disclosure Letter

Nu-Mex Disclosure Letter means the letter of even date herewith delivered by Nu-Mex to NWT in a form accepted by NWT with respect to certain matters in this Agreement;
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Examples of Nu-Mex Disclosure Letter in a sentence

The Nu-Mex Disclosure Letter sets out a summary of the Nu-Mex Property and the Nu-Mex Optioned Properties.
Other than in contemplation of or as required to give effect to the Transaction or as set forth in the Nu-Mex Disclosure Letter, Nu-Mex shall, conduct business only in, and not take any action except in, the ordinary course of business and consistent with past practice.
Except as previously disclosed in writing to NWT or as provided in the Nu-Mex Disclosure Letter, Nu-Mex shall not enter into, renew or modify in any respect any material contract, agreement, lease, commitment or arrangement to which Nu-Mex is a party or by which it is bound, except insofar as may be necessary to permit or provide for the completion of the Arrangement or where to do so would not have a Material Adverse Effect.