NPA/NXX definition

NPA/NXX means a ten thousand block of telephone numbers represented by the NPA (numbering plan area or area code) and NXX (prefix) assigned to that block of numbers.
NPA/NXX means the six-digit numerical combinations assigned by regulatory authorities to identify the area code and prefix for Wireless Service. Where the Home Carrier has implemented MIN/MDN separation, the "NPA/NXX" shall be read to mean the MIN block identifier ("MBI").

Examples of NPA/NXX in a sentence

If CLEC only obtains thousands blocks instead of whole NPA-NXX codes, those thousands blocks shall remain rated to the Rate Center associated with the donating NPA-NXX code.

The Routing Point need not be the same as the Rating Point, nor must it be located within the Rate Center area, but must be in the same LATA as the NPA-NXX.

LERG) is a Telcordia Reference document used by Telecommunications Carriers to identify NPA-NXX routing and homing information as well as Network element and equipment designations.

JIP) is an existing six (6) digit (NPA-NXX) field in the SS7 message.

FAM provides USOCs and descriptions by state (POTS services only), and USOC availability by NPA-NXX with the exception of Centrex.