NovaStar definition

NovaStar. NovaStar Mortgage, Inc., a Virginia Corporation, or its successor in interest.
NovaStar shall have the meaning set forth in the preamble.

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NovaStar is defined in the introductory paragraph.

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  • Mortgage servicer means a person that, directly or indirectly, services or offers to service mortgage loans.

  • CDO shall have the meaning assigned to such term in the definition of “Qualified Institutional Lender.”

  • CNA means Citicorp North America, Inc.

  • Mortgage Servicing Rights The rights and responsibilities of Seller with respect to servicing the Mortgage Loans under the Servicing Agreements, including any and all of the following if and to the extent provided therein: (a) all rights to service a Mortgage Loan; (b) all rights to receive servicing fees, Ancillary Income, reimbursements or indemnification for servicing the Mortgage Loan, and any payments received in respect of the foregoing and proceeds thereof; (c) the right to collect, hold and disburse escrow payments or other payments with respect to the Mortgage Loan and any amounts actually collected with respect thereto and to receive interest income on such amounts to the extent permitted by Applicable Law; (d) all accounts and other rights to payment related to any of the property described in this paragraph; (e) possession and use of any and all Credit Files pertaining to the Mortgage Loan or pertaining to the past, present or prospective servicing of the Mortgage Loan; (f) to the extent applicable, all rights and benefits relating to the direct solicitation of the related Mortgagors for refinance or modification of the Mortgage Loans and attendant right, title and interest in and to the list of such Mortgagors and data relating to their respective Mortgage Loans; and (g) all rights, powers and privileges incident to any of the foregoing.

  • Michigan strategic fund means the Michigan strategic fund as described in the Michigan strategic fund act, 1984 PA 270, MCL 125.2001 to 125.2094.

  • Mortgage Securities The MBS and the Underlying REMIC Certificates.

  • NIM Trust A Delaware statutory trust or other special-purpose entity that is the issuer of the securities issued in connection with a NIM Issuance (if any).

  • Pledged Asset Mortgage Servicing Agreement The Pledged Asset Mortgage Servicing Agreement, dated as of February 28, 1996 between MLCC and the Master Servicer. Pooling and Servicing Agreement or Agreement: With respect to any Series, this Standard Terms together with the related Series Supplement.

  • CarMax Funding means CarMax Auto Funding LLC, a Delaware limited liability company.

  • ABS means asset-backed securities.

  • Asset Monitor means BDO Italia S.p.A., acting in its capacity as asset monitor, or any other entity that may be appointed as such pursuant to the Asset Monitor Agreement.

  • Capital One means Capital One, National Association and its successors.

  • CarMax Auto means CarMax Auto Superstores, Inc., a Virginia corporation. “CarMax, Inc.” shall mean CarMax, Inc., a Virginia corporation.

  • Asset management means a systematic process of operating and maintaining the state system of

  • Maritime agency services means activities consisting in representing, within a given geographic area, as an agent the business interests of one or more shipping lines or shipping companies, for the following purposes:

  • Real Estate Investment Trust means that term as defined under section 856 of the internal revenue code.

  • Asian-Pacific American, as used in this provision means a U.S. citizen whose origins are in Japan, China, the Philippines, Vietnam, Korea, Samoa, Guam, the U.S. Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands, the Northern Mariana Islands, Laos, Cambodia, or Taiwan.

  • CarMax means CarMax Business Services, LLC, a Delaware limited liability company.

  • Residential mortgage loan means a loan primarily for personal, family, or household use that is secured by a mortgage, deed of trust, or other equivalent consensual security interest on a dwelling or residential real estate on which a person has constructed or intends to construct a dwelling.

  • TRS means American Express Travel Related Services Company, Inc., a New York corporation, and its successors and assigns.

  • Mortgage Sale Agreement means the mortgage sale agreement entered into on or about the Initial Closing Date among the Seller, the Mortgages Trustee, Funding and the Security Trustee in relation to the assignment from time to time of the Mortgage Portfolio to the Mortgages Trustee as may be amended, restated, novated, varied or supplemented from time to time and shall include any additional and/or replacement mortgage sale agreement entered into by such parties from time to time in accordance with the Transaction Documents;

  • Owner Trust means with respect to any Leased Aircraft, the trust created by the "Trust Agreement" referred to in the Leased Aircraft Indenture related thereto.

  • First trust means a trust over which an authorized fiduciary may exercise the decanting power.

  • the Macfarlane Trust means the charitable trust, established partly out of funds provided by the Secretary of State to the Haemophilia Society, for the relief of poverty or distress among those suffering from haemophilia;

  • Falcon has the meaning set forth in the preamble to this Agreement.

  • Commercial Mortgage Loan means a loan secured by a Lien on improved real estate used for commercial purposes.