Notice to Tenants definition

Notice to Tenants has the meaning set forth in Section 5.2.14 hereof.
Notice to Tenants means the notice from Seller to the tenants under the Leases whereby such tenants are notified that the Property has been transferred by Seller to Buyer and instructing the tenants to pay any and all rents and other sums payable under the Leases from and after the Closing directly to Buyer or as otherwise directed by Buyer, in the form of Exhibit "G".

Examples of Notice to Tenants in a sentence

  • Other Other Other Signature of Head of Household Date Wage Match Notice to Tenants USDA Rural Development has implemented a wage and benefit matching system.

  • For this purpose, Lender is hereby given and granted the following rights, powers and authority: Notice to Tenants.

  • Sir Isaac Brock Way, PO Box 344, Thorold, ON L2V 3Z3 Telephone: 905-682-9201 Toll-free: 1-800-232-3292Main Fax: 905-687-4844 Contractor Fax: 905-682-8301 Notice to Tenants Annual Income Declaration Package This Annual Income Declaration Package must be completed and returned within 30 days.

  • Step 2 - Notice to Tenants Moving In After Application (Exhibit R) This notice must be issued to each prospective tenant BEFORE the tenant agrees to move into the development.

  • For protection and maintenance of the Property, the Landlord hereby provides Notice to Tenants that maintenance/repair visits will take place during the “Christmas break” between Fall and Spring semesters at IUP; or may occur during any other school break or time period wherein student Tenants may be expected to be absent from the property for more than 3 successive days.

  • A Notice to Tenants must be provided to existing tenants within 14 days of when MSHDA informs the owner the one-year marketing period has begun.

  • Vendors determined by Homer Township Fire Protection District to possess the capacity to compete for this contract will be selected to move into the negotiation phase of this process.

  • Gender and NumberSUBPART B: NOTICE PROCEDURESSection375.201 Content of Notice of Intent to Terminate Subsidy375.202 Form of Notice375.APPENDIX A Notice of Intent to Terminate Subsidy375.EXHIBIT A Delivery of Notice to Tenants and Affected Public EntitiesAUTHORITY: Authorized by Section 7.19 of the Illinois Housing Development Act [20 ILCS 3805/7.19] and the Federally Assisted Housing Preservation Act [310 ILCS 60].SOURCE: Adopted at 29 Ill.

  • During Winter Break, Landlord hereby provides Notice to Tenants that marketing showings may occur through this timeframe with no additional Notice.

  • Notice to Tenant(s) will be given to the address of the Dwelling Unit.

More Definitions of Notice to Tenants

Notice to Tenants means a notice substantially in the form attached hereto and incorporated herein as Attachment No.11, advising the Existing WSA Tenants of the transfer of title and assumption by Developer of the landlord’s obligations under the WSA Tenant Leases.
Notice to Tenants means that document set forth on Exhibit K of this Agreement.
Notice to Tenants. If you elect to participate in the Waiver Program, such election only waives your obligation to indemnify the owner for accidental damages caused by your negligent acts or omissions as described herein. If you elect to participate in the Waiver Program, you are neither purchasing an insurance policy nor are you being listed as a named insured under any owner policy. The Waiver Program does not cover your personal property and is not applicable in the event of theft, burglary, vandalism, bodily injury or personal injury. The Waiver Program is neither designed to be your exclusive insurance policy for property damage, nor is it intended to replace your personal property or liability insurance policy.
Notice to Tenants shall have the meaning given thereto in Section
Notice to Tenants. Notice to Tenants" shall have the meaning given thereto in Section
Notice to Tenants. 5 1.35 "Personal Property" 5 1.36 "Property" 5 1.37 "Purchase Price 5 1.38 "Real Property" 5 1.39 "Records and Plans" 5 1.40 "Replacement Escrow Fund" 5 1.41 "Rollover Escrow Fund" 5 1.42 "Schedule of Tenant Improvement Allowances and Rent Credits" 6 1.43 "Service Contracts" 6 1.44 "Tax and Insurance Escrow Fund" 6 1.45 "Tenant Estoppels" 6 1.46 "Title Company" 6 1.47 "Title Policy" 6 1.48 "Transferor's Certificate" 6 1.49 "Warranties" 6

Related to Notice to Tenants

  • Notice of Completion means a document issued by the Department or Delegated Agency at the end of project construction when all items and conditions of the approved Sediment and Stormwater Management Plan have been satisfied, post construction verification documents demonstrate that the stormwater management systems have been constructed in accordance with the approved Sediment and Stormwater Management Plan, and final stabilization of disturbed areas on the site has been achieved.

  • Major Tenants has the meaning ascribed to such term in Section 7.2.

  • Commencement Notice means a written notice, given by any Secured Party to the other Secured Parties in accordance with the notice provisions set forth in the Securities Purchase Agreement, pursuant to which such Secured Party notifies the other Secured Parties of the existence of one or more Events of Default and of such Secured Party’s intent to commence the exercise of one or more of the remedies provided for under this Agreement with respect to all or any portion of the Collateral as a consequence thereof, which notice shall incorporate a reasonably detailed description of each Event of Default then existing and of the remedial action proposed to be taken.

  • Completion Notice means a notice issued by the Developer in accordance with clause 6.1.

  • Property Notice means any order, notice, proposal, demand or other requirement issued by any competent authority (including the Landlord) which materially affects the Academy Trust’s ability to use the Land for the purposes of the Academy. Restrictions on Land transfer 4.A The Academy Trust must:

  • Landlords means the owner of the Hotel(s) set forth on Exhibit B.

  • Tenant Estoppel Certificate or “Tenant Estoppel Certificates” shall mean certificates to be sought from the tenants under the Leases in substantially the form attached hereto as EXHIBIT “I”; provided, however, if any Lease provides for the form or content of an estoppel certificate from the tenant thereunder, the Tenant Estoppel Certificate with respect to such Lease may be in the form as called for therein.

  • Landlord's Architect means a qualified architect, engineer or Ontario Land Surveyor from time to time chosen by the Landlord.

  • Rectification Notice means a notice in writing:

  • Major Tenant means a tenant of a Loan Party under a lease of Property which entitles it to occupy 15,000 square feet or more of the net rentable area of such Property.

  • Rejection Notice has the meaning specified in Section 2.05(b)(v).

  • Full Notice to Proceed means that all material third party contractors have been given the notice to proceed with construction by the Capacity Market Seller or its agent, with a guaranteed completion date backed by liquidated damages.

  • Notice of commencement means a notice required under Section 38-1b-201 for a government project, as defined in Section 38-1b-102.

  • Buyer’s Notice Escrow Agent shall promptly deliver a copy of Buyer’s Notice to Seller. Seller shall have three (3) business days after receipt of the copy of Buyer’s Notice to deliver written notice to Escrow Agent and Buyer objecting to the release of the Deposit or applicable portion thereof to Buyer (“

  • Landlord Waiver means a letter in form and substance reasonably acceptable to the Administrative Agent and executed by a landlord in respect of Inventory of a Loan Party located at any leased premises of a Loan Party pursuant to which such landlord, among other things, waives or subordinates on terms and conditions reasonably acceptable to the Administrative Agent any Lien such landlord may have in respect of such Inventory.

  • Escalation Notice has the meaning set forth in Section 5.2(a).

  • Estoppel Certificate As defined in Section 23.1(a).

  • Space Lease The space or occupancy lease pursuant to which any Borrower holds a leasehold interest in the related Mortgaged Property, together with any estoppels or other agreements executed and delivered by the lessor in favor of the lender under the related Mortgage Loan(s).

  • improvement notice means the notice issued by the Authority to the Supplier pursuant to Clause 32.1.3 (Authority Remedies) which will detail how the Supplier shall improve the provision of the Goods and/or Services;

  • Notice to Proceed means notice issued by the OPWC pursuant to Section IV of this Agreement. "OPWC" means the Ohio Public Works Commission created pursuant to Revised Code Section 164.02.

  • Tenants means the tenants under the Leases.

  • Warning Notice Means a notice issued by the CBB pursuant to the EDC’s decision and contains the contraventions committed by the recipient with respect to the CBB Law, rules and regulations and other applicable laws, rules and regulations and accompanied by the evidence that convinced the EDC that such contravention had occurred.

  • Estoppel Letter A document executed by the Cooperative Corporation certifying, with respect to a Cooperative Unit, (i) the appurtenant Proprietary Lease will be in full force and effect as of the date of issuance thereof, (ii) the related stock certificate was registered in the Mortgagor's name and the Cooperative Corporation has not been notified of any lien upon, pledge of, levy of execution on or disposition of such stock certificate, and (iii) the Mortgagor is not in default under the appurtenant Proprietary Lease and all charges due the Cooperative Corporation have been paid.

  • ROFO Notice is defined in Section 6.2(a).

  • Landlord Agreement means an agreement substantially in the form provided by Lender to Borrower or such other form as Lender may agree to accept.

  • Delivery Notice Has the meaning specified in the NPA.