Norms definition

Examples of Norms in a sentence

  • The method of measurements shall be followed as per the CPWD Norms / Specifications.

  • The Bid should include cost of mobilization and cost to adhere to all Safety Norms as described in the tender.

  • Remuneration and other allowances will be paid as per University Norms.

  • The Bidders are requested to make themselves fully conversant with the General Conditions of Contract, Special Conditions of Contract, Technical Specifications, Site conditions, Safety & Health Aspects and Norms to be observed etc.

  • McAdams, The Origin, Development, and Regulation of Norms, 96 MICH.

More Definitions of Norms

Norms means numerical or statistical measures of observed performance of health care services derived from aggregated information related to the health care services provided to a statistically significant number of persons, as developed by ANTHEM.
Norms means expected patterns of practice in executing the Out-of-Pocket Expenses policies in all municipalities in the Province of KwaZulu-Natal. Municipalities will are expected to conform to the norms published in this document.
Norms means normative databases that aggregate neuropsychological test scores from people who represent the general population without the presence of neurocognitive problems, against which specific neuropsychological test scores obtained from an examinee are compared in order to help identify if the examinee’s performances are similar to, or significantly different from, what is expected for a person of similar background characteristics. (See id. art. I.Z.) “Race Norms” means Norms that have been used in a manner that takes into account the examinee’s race or ethnicity, along with age and gender, as a variable in adjusting the examinee’s neuropsychological test scores. (See id. art. I.FF.) “Race Norming” means the process of using Race Norms. (See id. art. I.GG.) “Black Race Norms” means Race Norms that have been used in a manner that treats the examinee’s race as non-White in connection with neuropsychological testing. (See id. art. I.E.)
Norms means the National Objectives, Requirements and Model Standards for the Protective Security of Civil Licensed Nuclear Sites, other Nuclear Premises and Nuclear Material in Transit, issued by ONR;
Norms means NSE Prime Norms “NSE Prime Company” means an NSE Listed Entity which has registered itself in accordance with these Norms [and executed the NSE Prime Registration Agreement]
Norms. (Bills of Material) Issues For Export Processing Enterprises v Static BOM’s were often “incomplete” and could not be modified under previous procedures without subjecting companies to administrative fines for violations of declaration requirements. v Industry ERP systems rely on “dynamic BOM’s” which reflect engineering changes and changes in usage of materials, components, parts and supplies on a real time basis.