normal planting period definition

normal planting period means the period of the year when permanent crops are normally planted starting in mid-autumn and finishing by mid-spring of the following year:

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Board means the Board of Directors of the Company.
Person means any individual, corporation, limited liability company, partnership, joint venture, association, joint-stock company, trust, unincorporated organization or government or any agency or political subdivision thereof.
Department means the department of natural resources.
Operating Period means the period commencing from the Commercial Operation Date, until the last day of the Term of this Agreement or date of earlier termination of this Agreement in accordance with Article 2 of this Agreement;
Operational Period means the Certificate’s actual term of validity, beginning with the start of the Validity Period and ending on the earlier of: (i) the end of the Validity Period disclosed in the Certificate; or (ii) the revocation of the Certificate.
Production Period means the period beginning with preproduction and ending upon completion of postproduction.
Operation Period means the period commencing from COD and ending on the Transfer Date;
Accumulation Period Commencement Date means, the close of business on October 1, 2018 or such later date as is determined in accordance with Section 4.11.
Exploration Period means the period mentioned in Article 3 during which Exploration Operations may be carried out by the Contractor as provided in Article 3 hereof.
Operational Year means all or any portion of any calendar year during which this Lease is in effect.
Peak Period means the time between 6 a.m. and 10 p.m. (April through September) or between 7a.m. and 11 p.m. (October through March) on all days except Saturdays and Sundays, which daily time period will be subject to change from time to time at the Company's option. This change would occur after no less than ten (10) days notice has been given to all Customers who would be affected, and to the Commission.
Maintenance Period means the period so specified in an adoption agreement as a period of time—
Plant Test Date or "PTD" means the date acceptance testing is performed with CLEC.
Lease Period means each of the consecutive periods throughout the Basic Term and any Renewal Term ending on a Lease Period Date, the first such period commencing on and including the Delivery Date.
Baseline Period means the 12-month period immediately preceding October 30, 2016.
Project Year means each period of twelve (12) months during the Contract Period beginning with the Commencement Date; and
Initial Contract Period means the period from the Commencement Date to the date of expiry set out in clause A2 (Initial Contract Period), or such earlier date of termination or partial termination of the agreement in accordance with the Law or the provisions of the Contract.
Testing Period means a single period consisting of the four consecutive fiscal quarters of the Borrower then last ended (whether or not such quarters are all within the same fiscal year), except that if a particular provision of this Agreement indicates that a Testing Period shall be of a different specified duration, such Testing Period shall consist of the particular fiscal quarter or quarters then last ended that are so indicated in such provision.
Water Year means the period commencing with October 1 of 1 year 20 and extending through September 30 of the next; and
Planning period means one class period per day or the equivalent unencumbered of any teaching or supervisory duties.
Initial compliance period means for all regulated contaminants, the initial compliance period is the first full three-year compliance period beginning at least 18 months after promulgation with the exception of waterworks with 150 or more service connections for contaminants listed at Table 2.3, VOC 19-21; Table 2.3, SOC 19-33; and antimony, beryllium, cyanide (as free cyanide), nickel, and thallium which shall begin January 1993.
Completion Period means the period starting from the date of issue of "Order" and required to complete the work in all respect.
Distribution Commencement Date means the Issue Date or such other date as may be specified as the Distribution Commencement Date on the face of such Perpetual Security;
Accumulation Commencement Date means January 1, 2021, or such later date as the Calculation Agent on behalf of the Issuer determines in accordance with Section 2.11 hereof.
Quarterly (1/Quarter) sampling frequency means the sampling shall be done in the months of March, June, August, and December, unless specifically identified otherwise in the Effluent Limitations and Monitoring Requirements table.