Non-U.S. CSE definition

Non-U.S. CSE means a coveredswap entity that is not a U.S. person. The term ‘‘non-U.S. CSE’’ includes a ‘‘Foreign Consolidated Subsidiary’’ or aU.S. branch of a non-U.S. CSE.

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Non-U.S. CSE means a covered swap entity that is not a U.S. person.

U.S. Branch of a Non-U.S. CSE Under the Proposed Rule, theExclusion from the margin rules would not be available to a U.S. branch of a non-U.S. CSE.

The institutional approach focuses on the study of the various institutions, middlemen and other agencies which perform the marketing activities.

With respect to non-cleared swaps with other types of entities, the CFTC Final Rules permit an Excluded Non-U.S. CSE, like a Non-Guaranteed FCS and a Non- Guaranteed U.S. Branch, to rely on substituted compliance with respect to all margin requirements, unless the counterparty is a U.S. CSE or U.S. Guaranteed CSE (in which case substituted compliance would only be available with respect to the Excluded Non-U.S. CSE’s initial margin collection requirements).

In 2013, our passenger transportation services on domestic long-distance trains accounted for 63.8% of our railroad passenger transportation revenue.

Excluded Non-U.S. Covered Swap EntitiesThe CFTC Final Rules provide a limited exclusion from the CFTC Margin Rules (the “Exclusion”) for a swap between an Excluded Non-U.S. CSE and a non-U.S. person (including a non-U.S. CSE, other than an FCS or a U.S. branch of a non-U.S. CSE) whose obligations under the relevant swap are not guaranteed by aU.S. person.

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Non-U.S. Lender means a Lender that is not a U.S. Person.
Non-Arm s Length Party” means in relation to a company, a promoter, officer, director, other Insider or Control Person of that company (including an issuer) and any Associates or Affiliates of any of such Persons. In relation to an individual, means any Associate of the individual or any company of which the individual is a promoter, officer, director, Insider or Control Person.