Non-Commercial Solicitation definition

Non-Commercial Solicitation means any hand distribution of leaflets, brochures or other written materials designed for informational and not commercial purposes. This definition does not include the dissemination of information for purposes of the administrative, academic, research, or extension activities of the College.
Non-Commercial Solicitation means any distribution by students individually or as members of student organizations of leaflets, brochures or other written material, or oral speech by them to a passersby, conducted without intent to obtain commercial or private pecuniary gain.
Non-Commercial Solicitation means any distribution of leaflets, brochures or other written material, or oral speech to assemblies ora passersby, conducted without intent to obtain commercial or private pecuniary gain. This definition does not include the dissemination of information for purposes of the administrative, academic, research, or extension activities of the University.

Examples of Non-Commercial Solicitation in a sentence

  • Non-Commercial Solicitation, which includes seeking to obtain gifts or contributions of money, clothing or any other valuable thing for the support or benefit of any charitable or nonprofit association, organization, corporation or project.

  • In accordance with Regulation Brevard College-PR9.004, Non-Commercial Solicitation may be distributed without prior approval person-to-person on campus but not in College’s buildings.

  • Non-Commercial Solicitation Non-commercial solicitation is defined as any activity not conducted for profit which has as its primary function the promotion of a business, program, or event.

  • Exclusive Use of Reservable Space for Non-Commercial Solicitation.

  • Non-Commercial Solicitation is contact with residents, without an appointment, for the purpose of requesting contributions (money, property, or financial assistance) or selling itemsfor charitable, religious, and political causes.

Related to Non-Commercial Solicitation

  • General Solicitation and “General Advertising” means “general solicitation” and “general advertising”, respectively, as used under Rule 502(c) of Regulation D, including, without limitation, advertisements, articles, notices or other communications published in any newspaper, magazine or similar media or the internet or broadcast over radio or television or the internet, or any seminar or meeting whose attendees had been invited by general solicitation or general advertising;

  • Competitive Solicitation means a formal, advertised procurement process, other than an Invitation to Bid, Request for Proposals, or Invitation to Negotiate, approved by the Board to purchase commodities and/or services which affords vendors fair treatment in the competition for award of a District purchase contract.

  • Total solids means the sum of suspended and dissolved solids.

  • Home solicitation sale means a sale of goods or services of more than $25.00 in which the seller or a person acting for the seller engages in a personal, telephonic, or written solicitation of the sale, the solicitation is received by the buyer at a residence of the buyer, and the buyer's agreement or offer to purchase is there given to the seller or a person acting for the seller. Home solicitation sale does not include any of the following:

  • Commercial solid waste means all types of solid waste generated by stores, offices, restaurants, warehouses, and other nonmanufacturing activities, excluding residential and industrial wastes.

  • State contract solicitation means a request by a state agency or quasi-public agency, in whatever form issued, including, but not limited to, an invitation to bid, request for proposals, request for information or request for quotes, inviting bids, quotes or other types of submittals, through a competitive procurement process or another process authorized by law waiving competitive procurement.

  • Telephone solicitation means any voice communication over a telephone for the purpose of encouraging the recipient of the call to purchase, rent, or invest in goods or services during that telephone call. Telephone solicitation does not include any of the following:

  • Non-Solicitation Period means a period of 12 months after the termination of Executive’s employment with the Company.

  • Bid Solicitation Agent means the Company or the Person appointed by the Company to solicit bids for the Trading Price of the Notes in accordance with Section 14.01(b)(i). The Company shall initially act as the Bid Solicitation Agent.

  • Industrial solid waste means solid waste generated by manufacturing or industrial processes that is not a hazardous waste. Such waste may include, but is not limited to, waste resulting from the following manufacturing processes: electric power generation; fertilizer/agricultural chemicals; food and related products or byproducts; inorganic chemicals; iron and steel manufacturing; leather and leather products; nonferrous metals manufacturing or foundries; organic chemicals; plastics and resins manufacturing; pulp and paper industry; rubber and miscellaneous plastic products; stone, glass, clay, and concrete products; textile manufacturing; transportation equipment; and water treatment. This term does not include mining waste or oil and gas waste.

  • Municipal solid waste or “MSW” shall mean waste material: (a) generated by a household (including a single or multifamily residence); or (b) generated by a commercial, industrial, or institutional entity, to the extent that the waste material (1) is essentially the same as waste normally generated by a household; (2) is collected and disposed of with other municipal solid waste as part of normal municipal solid waste collection services; and (3) contains a relative quantity of hazardous substances no greater than the relative quantity of hazardous substances contained in waste material generated by a typical single-family household.]

  • Drug-free workplace means a site for the performance of work done in connection with a specific contract at which the employees of the Contractor are prohibited from engaging in the unlawful manufacture, distribution, dispensing, possession, or use of a controlled substance.

  • Advertising means the planning, creating, or placing of advertising in newspapers, magazines,

  • Advertisement means a notice that is broadcast or published to the general public or specific market segments about your goods, products or services for the purpose of attracting customers or supporters. For the purposes of this definition:

  • Commercial cannabis activity means the production, cultivation,

  • Competing Offer means a Tender Offer for Units which (i) is Commenced prior to the expiration of the Offer by a Person that is not an Affiliate (or in the case of Walton Street, as to its Associates only) of any Partner and (ii) has a cash purchase price per Unit that is at least 2% (10% with respect to the first Competing Offer made following the Offer by the Partnership)

  • Municipal solid waste landfill or “MSW landfill” means an entire disposal facility in a contiguous geographical space where household waste is placed in or on land. An MSW landfill may also receive other types of RCRA Subtitle D wastes such as commercial solid waste, nonhazardous sludge, and industrial solid waste. Portions of an MSW landfill may be separated by access roads. An MSW landfill may be publicly or privately owned. An MSW landfill may be a new MSW landfill, an existing MSW landfill or a lateral expansion.

  • Advertising device means any device or object erected or located so as to attract public attention to any goods or services or facilities or events and includes flags, banners, pennants and lights;

  • Public dose means the dose received by a member of the public from exposure to radiation or to radioactive material released by a licensee, registrant, or other person, or to any other source of radiation under the control of a licensee, registrant, or other person. It does not include occupational dose or doses received from background radiation, from any medical administration the individual has received, from exposure to individuals administered sources of radiation or radioactive material and released under 641—subrule 41.2(27) or from voluntary participation in medical research programs.

  • Solicitation means a request for proposals (RFP) or a request for quotations (RFQ) in negotiation.

  • Solicitation Response or "Application" means Grantee’s full and complete response (including any attachments and addenda) to the Solicitation, which is incorporated by reference for all purposes in its entirety.

  • Targeted Advertising Targeted advertising means presenting an advertisement to a student where the selection of the advertisement is based on student information, student records or student generated content or inferred over time from the usage of the Provider’s website, online service or mobile application by such student or the retention of such student’s online activities or requests over time.

  • Unsolicited Information As defined in Section 12.01(b)(iii).

  • Major life activities means functions such as caring for one's self, performing manual tasks, walking, seeing, hearing, speaking, breathing, learning and working.

  • Promotion means a change from an employee's position to one with a higher maximum salary level.

  • Speech-language pathology means the application of principles, methods, and procedures related to the development and disorders, whether of organic or nonorganic origin, that impede oral, pharyngeal, or laryngeal sensorimotor competencies and the normal process of human communication including, but not limited to, disorders and related disorders of speech, articulation, fluency, voice, verbal and written language, auditory comprehension, cognition/communication, and the application of augmentative communication treatment and devices for treatment of such disorders