Nightguard definition

Nightguard means an appliance used to treat the unconscious habit of gnashing or grinding teeth during the sleeping period or at times of stress.

Examples of Nightguard in a sentence

Nightguard vital bleaching of tetracycline stained teeth 7.5 years post treatment J Dent Res 2002; 81: 1962.

Nightguard vital bleaching of tetracycline- stained teeth: 54 months post treatment .

Group-D - One peon & one Nightguard in every ADSR/SRoffice Staffing pattern and present staff strength : Name of the post Statement of the existing clerical staff strength in the whole of West Bengal Present position of Group ‘D’ staff in the Registration offices Sl.No.13Hooghly Additional District Sub-Registrar/Sub-Registrar : Additional District Sub-Registrar/Sub-Registrar holds the office in a sub district, which is equal to the jurisdiction of one or more police stations.

Nightguard vital bleaching: a long-term study on efficacy, shade retention, side effects, and patients’ perceptions.

Nightguard — A removable dental appliance — sometimes called an occlusal guard — that is designed to minimize the effects of gnashing or grinding of the teeth (bruxism).