NH Bridges definition

NH Bridges means the automated case management, information, tracking, and reimbursement system used by DCYF.
NH Bridges means the automated case management, information, tracking, and reimbursement system used by DHHS.
NH Bridges means the automated case management, information, tracking, and reimbursement system used by DHHSthe division for children, youth and families (DCYF).

Examples of NH Bridges in a sentence

  • The provider must be certified for payment and enrolled on NH Bridges and the Medicaid Management Information System (MMIS) prior to service delivery.

  • Providers of child care services must be certified and enrolled on NH Bridges.

  • Forward the “Invoice” generated by NH Bridges to the service provider.II.

  • Beginning as early as the fall of 2001, NH Bridges staff worked diligently and closely with ACF staff to ensure that the state’s NCANDS 3 and AFCARS 4 data files met all the federal definitions and regulations.

  • JPPOs shall record all restitution transactions on the collection accounting screens of NH Bridges.

  • If the Relative Care Provider is a licensed Foster Family Care Home or becomes a licensed Foster Family Care Home during the placement episode, the Fiscal Special must select “Yes” for the question: “Is this foster home a relative to the child?” which is located in the service authorization screen of the NH Bridges System.IV.

  • Providers of DCYF purchased services and providers operating residential facilities must be certified for payment at State Office and enrolled on the NH Bridges System, before a child is placed or a service is authorized.

  • The Provider Relations Unit staff enrolls the certified provider on NH Bridges via the "Provider Enrollment" (Form 2106).

  • With that said, your efforts locate relatives should also be documented in NH Bridges case contact logs to help demonstrate the work you have done.

  • Foster parents who are having a fire or health inspection to renew their license must be enrolled on NH Bridges as FB service providers.

More Definitions of NH Bridges

NH Bridges means the automated case management and billing system at DCYF.
NH Bridges means the automated case management, information, tracking, and reimbursement system used by the division for children, youth and families and the division for juvenile justice services.
NH Bridges means the automated case management, information, tracking, and reimbursement system used by DHHS.the division for children, youth and families.

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