Network Performance Criteria definition

Network Performance Criteria means standards and goals for design and performance of the State Vaccine Network, including in regard to access, equity, inventory management, service, and data analytics and reporting, as set forth in Schedule A to this SOW.

Examples of Network Performance Criteria in a sentence

Based on the Network Performance Criteria, Blue Shield will develop a Network Management Strategy for approval by the Agency.

Repayment for Failure to Meet Performance Measures In the event Blue Shield fails to perform the Services and Deliverables as set forth in Exhibit A in accordance with any of the Network Performance Criteria in Exhibit A, as determined by the Agency, the Agency reserves the right to request a repayment of any fees remitted to Blue Shield in compensation for its own services in the amount of 7%.

Schedule A Network Performance Criteria for State Vaccine Network CategoryPerformance Criteria Definition 1 For purposes of the Access goals, the Network Performance Criteria will be measured based on vaccinations performed through the State Vaccine Network in combination with vaccinations performed through any federally administered and county administered vaccination programs.

Failure to meet the Network Performance Criteria as described in Article 15.

Should the parties not agree on the Network Performance Criteria by September 1, 1994, then a mutually agreeable date will be selected.