Net Metering Scheme definition

Net Metering Scheme or “Scheme” means the scheme introduced by BELCO in or about 2010 aimed at incentivizing residential electricity customers to install solar PV, wind and tidal energy and under which they would receive payment in respect of any excess energy generated and not consumed by such customers in any calendar month and which they sold to BELCO;

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BELCO’s previous renewable energy Net Metering Scheme operated on a net export basis – that is, any generation exported to the grid by PV producers, net of total energy consumed (and supplied by BELCO), would be remunerated at the retail tariff rate.

Determination‌4 (1) This General Determination is made pursuant to the Consultation entitled “Consultation on the Regulatory Authority (Transitional Measures for Bermuda Electric Light Company Limited Solar Net Metering Scheme) Emergency General Determination” dated 16th March 2017 and the Regulatory Authority’s Decision on it.

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