Definition of NCCI Securities

NCCI Securities means, collectively, the Transaction Shares, the Earn-Out Warrants and any shares of NCCI Common Stock issuable upon exercise of the Earn-Out Warrants.
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Examples of NCCI Securities in a sentence

The NCCI Securities are registered pursuant to Section 12(g) of the Exchange Act and NCCI has taken no action designed to, or which is likely to have the effect of, terminating the registration of such securities under the Exchange Act nor has NCCI received any notification that the SEC is contemplating terminating such registration.
To the full satisfaction of the PAI Shareholder, he has been furnished all materials that he or it has requested relating to the Company and the issuance of the NCCI Securities hereunder, and the PAI Shareholder has been afforded the opportunity to ask questions of representatives of NCCI to obtain any information necessary to verify the accuracy of any representations or information made or given to the PAI Shareholder.
PAI Shareholder understands that the NCCI Securities are not registered under the Securities Act on the ground that the sale and the issuance of securities hereunder is exempt from registration under the Act pursuant to Section 4(a) thereof, and that the Company's reliance on such exemption is predicated on the representations set forth herein.
The PAI Shareholder has carefully reviewed such information as the PAI Shareholder deemed necessary to evaluate an investment in the NCCI Securities.
The PAI Shareholder acknowledges that he or it can bear the economic risk of his or its investment, and has such knowledge and experience in financial and business matters that he is capable of evaluating the merits and risks of the investment in the NCCI Securities.