Name and Mark definition

Examples of Name and Mark in a sentence

Any New Mark shall, upon the Company's notice, be deemed a Licensed Name and Mark hereunder.

If the Company decides to discontinue any of the Licensed Names and Marks or create any new Licensed Names and Marks ("New Mark") it shall provide written notice to the Service Provider at least six months in advance so that the Service Provider can phase out the discontinued Licensed Name and Mark or phase in the New Mark in an orderly fashion.

Effective as of October 1, 2004, EPD OLP has granted EPCO a worldwide royalty-free, five year right and license to use the Name and Mark pursuant to the License Agreement.

EPD OLP shall reimburse EPCO for the cost of removing the Name and Mark from EPCO’s trucks in order to meet the schedule for removal of all Names and Marks on or before the end of the term of the License Agreement.

Purchaser and ITTI shall have executed the ITT Name and Mark Transition Agreement in accordance with Section 6.15(e).