Municipal report definition

Municipal report means a cross-acceptance report prepared by a municipality and filed with the Office of State Planning pursuant to N.J.S.A. 5:85-3.10.]

Examples of Municipal report in a sentence

  • Liquor Store Operations- Manager Shannon Brown presented the Municipal report for May.

  • City Council, Municipal report of the city of Jyväskylä, CACJ, 77.Picture 3.

  • An increasing number of heterogeneous document collections that combine printed and digital (digitized and born-digital) information resources, make the role of classification schemes very important.

  • During Quarter 4, a series of self-assessment reviews took place across all Directorates to produce a body of evidence that would provide assurance that all actions and recommendations from the Amey Lessons Learned action plan and Zurich Municipal report had been adequately embedded.

  • Municipal (report previously submitted) – Scheid Provided synopsis of email thread and work done on this front.

  • Data from the Spanish population register (Padròn Municipal) report very similar size and proportion of foreign born in the workforce in 2008 (5.1 million or 16%) (INE, online database).

  • Service Tax including Surcharge and Cess is payable on Life Insurance premium as per applicable laws.

  • To obtain statistical data and feedback to help form the municipality’s performance objectives for the purposes of the Annual Municipal report.

  • The age/sex structure of the provincial population is illustrated in Figure 1.5.Figure 1.5 Distribution of population by age and sex, Mpumalanga – 1996, 2001 and 2011 Source: Stats SA, Census 2011 Municipal report Mpumalanga, (Report No. 03-01-56) Figure Of the total population of 4 039 939 in 2011, young persons (0-34 years) numbered 2803 155 or 69.4%, indicating a predominantly young population.

  • Source of information: Census KZN 2011 Municipal report No. 03-01-53 The table above shows that more than 50% of the population in Umuziwabantu is younger than 20 years, while a further 5.6 % is 65 years or older.This shows high differences in dependency ratio between the non working age and those of working age from the municipality.

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  • Geotechnical report means a scientific study or evaluation conducted by a qualified expert that includes a description of the ground and surface hydrology and geology, the affected land form and its susceptibility to mass wasting, erosion, and other geologic hazards or processes, conclusions and recommendations regarding the effect of the proposed development on geologic conditions, the adequacy of the site to be developed, the impacts of the proposed development, alternative approaches to the proposed development, and measures to mitigate potential site-specific and cumulative geological and hydrological impacts of the proposed development, including the potential adverse impacts to adjacent and down-current properties. Geotechnical reports shall conform to accepted technical standards and must be prepared by qualified professional engineers or geologists who have professional expertise about the regional and local shoreline geology and processes.

  • Technical Report means a report prepared and filed in accordance with this Instrument and Form 43-101F1 Technical Report that includes, in summary form, all material scientific and technical information in respect of the subject property as of the effective date of the technical report; and

  • Final Report means the final report summarizing the outcomes of the Project, to be completed by the Applicant in the standard form no later than thirty (30) days after the Project Completion Date. The Final Report must provide accounting for all Project revenues and expenses, and include a concise summary of what the project has achieved, and compare the outcomes and performance of the Project with reference to the desired outcomes specified by Alberta Innovates, and the desired Project outcomes as stated in the Application and in this Investment Agreement;

  • Assessment Report : means the assessment report referred to in Articles 32(2) and 33(3) of Regulation (EC) No 834/2007 drawn up by an independent third party fulfilling the requirements of ISO Standard 17011 or by a relevant competent authority, which includes information on document reviews, including the descriptions referred to in Articles 4(3)(b) and 11(3)(b) of this Regulation, on office audits, including critical locations and on risk-oriented witness audits conducted in representative third countries.

  • Financial Report means the Group's annual audited financial statements or quarterly interim unaudited reports, which shall be prepared and made available according to Clauses 11.1(a)(i) and 11.1(a)(ii).

  • Call Report means the Call Report(s) (as defined in Section 4102(4) of the SBJA) of the IDI Subsidiary(ies); and (b) if there are multiple IDI Subsidiaries, all references herein or in any document executed or delivered in connection herewith (including the Certificate of Designation, the Initial Supplemental Report and all Quarterly Supplemental Reports) to any data reported in a Call Report shall refer to the aggregate of such data across the Call Reports for all such IDI Subsidiaries.

  • Municipal Revitalization Index means the 2007 index by the

  • Statistical record means a record in a system of records maintained for sta- tistical research or reporting purposes only and not used in whole or in part in making any determination about an identifiable individual, except as pro- vided by 13 U.S.C. 8.

  • Municipal Engineer means the Director of Transportation Services of the County or the individual designated by him or her;

  • Phase I Environmental Report means a report by an Independent Person who regularly conducts environmental site assessments in accordance with then current standards imposed by institutional commercial mortgage lenders and who has a reasonable amount of experience conducting such assessments.

  • municipal tariff means a tariff for services which a municipality may set for the provision of a service to the local community, and includes a surcharge on such tariff;

  • MI Report means a report containing Management Information submitted to the Authority in accordance with Framework Schedule 8 (Management Information);

  • Phase I Environmental Assessment A “Phase I assessment” as described in, and meeting the criteria of, the ASTM, plus a radon and asbestos inspection.

  • Environmental Assessment means an assessment of the presence, storage or release of any hazardous or toxic substance, pollutant or contaminant with respect to the collateral securing a Shared-Loss Loan that has been fully or partially charged off.

  • Municipal bond means a bond or evidence of indebtedness issued by a municipality or other political subdivision of a state.

  • Financial Reports means the Annual Financial Statements and the Interim Accounts.

  • Environmental Report The environmental audit report or reports with respect to each Mortgaged Property delivered to the related Mortgage Loan Seller in connection with the origination or acquisition of the related Mortgage Loan.

  • Acoustic Assessment Report means the report, prepared in accordance with Publication NPC-233 and Appendix A of the Basic Comprehensive User Guide,by HGC Engineering and dated August 22, 2008 submitted in support of the application, that documents all sources of noise emissions and Noise Control Measures present at the Facility and includes all up-dated Acoustic Assessment Reports as required by the Documentation Requirements conditions of this Certificate to demonstrate continued compliance with the Performance Limits following the implementation of any Modification.

  • Insurance Report means an insurance report in respect of the Insurances confirming that such Insurances are placed with such insurers, insurance companies and/or clubs in such amounts, against such risks and in such form as acceptable to the Agent (acting on the instructions from the Finance Parties) and comply with the requirements under Clause 26.3 (Insurance) and the GIEK Guarantee prepared by Bank Assure Insurance Services Inc., or such other reputable insurance advisor approved by the Agent, and dated on or about 11 June 2010 and addressed to, and capable of being relied upon by, the Finance Parties.

  • CMSA Operating Statement Analysis Report means a report substantially in the form of, and containing the information called for in, the downloadable form of the "Operating Statement Analysis Report" available as of the Closing Date on the CMSA Website or in such other form for the presentation of such information and containing such additional information as may from time to time be approved by the CMSA for commercial mortgage-backed securities transactions generally.

  • Environmental impact statement means a detailed written statement as required by section 102(2)(C) of the Act.

  • CREFC® Operating Statement Analysis Report The monthly report in the “Operating Statement Analysis Report” format substantially in the form of and containing the information called for therein for the Mortgage Loans, or such other form for the presentation of such information as may be approved from time to time by the CREFC® for commercial mortgage securities transactions generally.

  • Covered Municipal Building means a building or facility that is owned or occupied by the Village that is 1,000 square feet or larger in size.

  • Financial reporting year means the latest consecutive twelve-month period for which any of the following reports used to support a financial test is prepared:

  • GLJ Report means the independent engineering reserves evaluation of certain oil, NGL and natural gas interests of the Company prepared by GLJ dated February 11, 2022 and effective December 31, 2021.

  • Clinical record means a legible electronic or hard-copy history that documents the criteria established for medical records as set forth in rule 441—79.3(249A). A claim form or billing statement does not constitute a clinical record.