Mortgage Security Trust Fund definition

Mortgage Security Trust Fund. As to any Mortgage Security, the trust fund in which such Mortgage Security evidences a fractional undivided interest. New York Presenting Agent: State Street Bank and Trust Company, N.A., with its offices at 61 Broadway, New York, New York or such other office within the Borough of Manhattan, City of New York, State of New York, as Fannie Mae may appoint by notice to the Trustee.

Related to Mortgage Security Trust Fund

  • Security Trust Agreement means the security trust agreement dated March 3, 2006 and amended and restated on or about the date hereof between Security Trustee, Facility Agent, Virgin Media Investment Holdings Limited (formerly known as NTL Investment Holdings Limited), and the companies named therein as Original Obligors.

  • Security Trust Deed means the Security Trust Deed executed by, inter alia, the Borrower, the Guarantor, the Collateral Agent, the Facility Agent, the Original Secured Creditors (as defined therein) and the Delegate Collateral Agent and shall be substantially in the form of Exhibit P or otherwise reasonably acceptable to the Facility Agent.

  • Mortgage Security Schedule The schedule of Mortgage Securities attached hereto as Exhibit A.

  • Mortgage Servicing Rights The rights and responsibilities of Seller with respect to servicing the Mortgage Loans under the Servicing Agreements, including any and all of the following if and to the extent provided therein: (a) all rights to service a Mortgage Loan; (b) all rights to receive servicing fees, Ancillary Income, reimbursements or indemnification for servicing the Mortgage Loan, and any payments received in respect of the foregoing and proceeds thereof; (c) the right to collect, hold and disburse escrow payments or other payments with respect to the Mortgage Loan and any amounts actually collected with respect thereto and to receive interest income on such amounts to the extent permitted by Applicable Law; (d) all accounts and other rights to payment related to any of the property described in this paragraph; (e) possession and use of any and all Credit Files pertaining to the Mortgage Loan or pertaining to the past, present or prospective servicing of the Mortgage Loan; (f) to the extent applicable, all rights and benefits relating to the direct solicitation of the related Mortgagors for refinance or modification of the Mortgage Loans and attendant right, title and interest in and to the list of such Mortgagors and data relating to their respective Mortgage Loans; and (g) all rights, powers and privileges incident to any of the foregoing.

  • Security Trustee means HSH Nordbank AG, acting in such capacity through its office at Gerhart-Hauptmann-Platz 50, D-20095, Hamburg, Germany, or any successor of it appointed under clause 5 of the Agency and Trust Agreement;

  • Mortgage servicer means the mortgagee or a person other than the mortgagee to whom a mortgagor or the mortgagor’s successor in interest is instructed by the mortgagee to send payments on a loan secured by the mortgage. A person transmitting a payoff statement for a mortgage is a mortgage servicer for purposes of such mortgage and this chapter.

  • Pledged Asset Mortgage Servicing Agreement The Pledged Asset Mortgage Servicing Agreement, dated as of February 28, 1996 between MLCC and the Master Servicer. Pooling and Servicing Agreement or Agreement: With respect to any Series, this Standard Terms together with the related Series Supplement.

  • the Academy Trust means the company intended to be regulated by these Articles and referred to in Article 2;

  • NIM Trust A Delaware statutory trust or other special-purpose entity that is the issuer of the securities issued in connection with a NIM Issuance (if any).

  • Mortgage Sale Agreement means the mortgage sale agreement entered into on or about the Initial Closing Date among the Seller, the Mortgages Trustee, Funding and the Security Trustee in relation to the assignment from time to time of the Mortgage Portfolio to the Mortgages Trustee as may be amended, restated, novated, varied or supplemented from time to time and shall include any additional and/or replacement mortgage sale agreement entered into by such parties from time to time in accordance with the Transaction Documents;

  • Mortgage Insurer means CMHC, Genworth Financial Insurance Company Canada, or any other company that insures the payment of mortgages to mortgage lenders.

  • Commercial Mortgage Loan means a loan secured by a Lien on improved real estate used for commercial purposes.

  • the Macfarlane (Special Payments) Trust means the trust of that name, established on 29th January 1990 partly out of funds provided by the Secretary of State, for the benefit of certain persons suffering from haemophilia;

  • Initial Mortgage Loan A Mortgage Loan conveyed to the Trust Fund on the Closing Date pursuant to this Agreement as identified on the Mortgage Loan Schedule delivered to the Trustee on the Closing Date.

  • Trust Mortgage Loan means each of the mortgage loans listed on the Trust Mortgage Loan Schedule and from time to time held in the Trust Fund. As used herein, the term "Trust Mortgage Loan" includes the related Mortgage Note, Mortgage and other security documents contained in the related Mortgage File or otherwise held on behalf of the Trust. Notwithstanding the foregoing, if any of the mortgage loans listed on the Trust Mortgage Loan Schedule are, in accordance with their terms or pursuant to any modification, waiver or amendment agreed to in accordance with Section 3.20, severed or split into two or more mortgage loans that are to remain part of the Trust Fund, then such two or more mortgage loans shall constitute separate "Trust Mortgage Loans" for all purposes hereof, except that such mortgage loans will collectively constitute the "Trust Mortgage Loan" that relates to the applicable REMIC I Regular Interest and/or any applicable Loan REMIC Regular Interest.

  • Regulation AB Companion Loan Securitization As defined in Section 11.15(a).

  • Initial Mortgage Loans The Mortgage Loans delivered by the Depositor on the Startup Date.

  • Supplemental Interest Trust Trustee Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., a national banking association, not in its individual capacity but solely in its capacity as supplemental interest trust trustee, and any successor thereto.

  • Underlying Trust As defined in the Preamble hereof.

  • Pledged Asset Mortgage Loan A Mortgage Loan as to which, at the time of origination, a Letter of Credit was issued in favor of the initial holder of such Mortgage Loan.

  • Mortgage Trustee means the Person serving as trustee at the time under the First Mortgage.

  • charity trustee means a charity trustee of the CIO.

  • PFPC Trust means PFPC Trust Company or a subsidiary or affiliate of PFPC Trust Company.

  • Blanket Mortgage The mortgage or mortgages encumbering the Cooperative Property.

  • GACC Mortgage Loans Each Mortgage Loan transferred and assigned to the Depositor pursuant to the GACC Purchase Agreement.