Definition of Millennium Project

Millennium Project means the 360 MW natural gas/fuel oil-fired capable electric generating station located in Worcester County, Massachusetts and all 9 [NTD: Definitions of the various Material Contracts described in this definition to be updated by the Borrower in connection with confirmation.] Case 14-10461-MFW Doc 16-2 Filed 03/03/14 Page 216 of 334 21 appurtenances thereto owned or operated by Millennium, including electrical switchyards, electrical interconnections and fuel delivery and storage facilities.
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Examples of Millennium Project in a sentence

Each of the Millennium Project and at least two other Projects shall be Approved Projects as of the Closing Date.
Amounts reimbursable to NEG as described in the preceding sentence shall constitute O&M Costs for the Millennium Project.
The goals for the UNDP, which they have termed as "the Millennium Project," include eradicating extreme poverty and hunger, achieving universal primary education, promoting gender equality, empowering women, reducing child mortality, and improving maternal health.
Millennium Project, Goals and Targets, (last visited Nov.
Tenant shall furnish Landlord, promptly after the Substantial Completion of the Millennium Project, an "as built" iteration of the Tenant Construction Documents.