Definition of Merrill Lynch Investors

Merrill Lynch Investors means, collectively, (i) ML Global Private Equity Fund, L.P., (ii) Merrill Lynch Ventures L.P. 2001, (iii) CMC-Hertz Partners, L.P., and (iv) ML Hertz Co-Investor, L.P.

Examples of Merrill Lynch Investors in a sentence

Issuer: Merrill Lynch Investors Trust, Series 2005-2, a Delaware statutory trust, or its successor in interest.
McCartney, Esquire Eckert Seamans Cherin & Mellott 42nd Floor 600 Grant Street Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15219, or (c) if to the Merrill Lynch Investors, shall be delivered or mailed addressed to it as follows: c/o Merrill Lynch Capital Partners, Inc.
MLN") filed for bankruptcy protection a few months prior to the Merrill Lynch Investors Trust, Series 2006- MLN1 offering which pooled loans originated by MLN.
Acquisition Costs means all costs, fees and expenses (and taxes thereon) and all capital, stamp, documentary, registration or other taxes incurred by or on behalf of any Parent Company or any of its affiliates, the Merrill Lynch Investors, the Carlyle Investors or the CD&R Investors and their respective managers or advisors, the Parent or any other member of the Group in connection with the Acquisition and all related transactions (including, without limitation, the financing thereof).