Member Society definition

Member Society means a person who, at any time before commencement, was a member society within the meaning of the Rules of the FSPS;
Member Society means a Constituent Society admitted as a Member Society in accordance with article 10 with the rights set out in article 11.2;

Examples of Member Society in a sentence

Service as an ABET Board Director, Board Delegate, Member Society representative to an Area Delegation, on a Committee, Council, or Commission, as a Team Chair or Program Evaluator, Alternate to the Board of Delegates, Area Delegation, or Commission, or ABET staff member creates situations that may result in conflicts of interest or questions regarding the objectivity and credibility of ABET’s accreditation process.

By necessity, the implementation is subject to approval by the governing body of each Member Society.

However, the governance of a Member Society may require that the UI adopted by IACS be reviewed by its own governing body before inclusion in its own rules or procedures.

Each Member Society is responsible for notifying the IACS Permanent Secretariat, of the date of coming into force of the new/revised/reserved UR in its Rules.

GPG shall consist of one representative of each Member Society, with voting rights as specified in the IACS Charter.

More Definitions of Member Society

Member Society means a registered society or other body corporate or partnership, association or firm that is a member of another registered society;
Member Society of The Arts Society”; “Young Arts”; “Church Recorders”; “Heritage Volunteers”; Tour NADFAS (NADFAS Tours Ltd); NEL (NADFAS Enterprises Ltd) and Patricia Fay Memorial Fund; “the TerritoryUK, Europe and any other regions The Arts Society operates in
Member Society means the class of Member defined in Article 11;
Member Society. Means a group of CFA Institute Members who have
Member Society means a consumer cooperative wholesale stores whose area of operation is not less than three Talukas and which has primary consumers cooperative stores/society and individuals as its members duly admitted to the membership of the federation after registration.
Member Society means any of the incorporated societies listed in Schedule 2.