Medical College definition

Medical College means an institution, whether known as such or by any other name, which provides for a programme, beyond 12 years of schooling, for obtaining recognized MBBS qualification from a university and which, in accordance with the rules and regulations of such university, is recognized as competent to provide for such programmes of study and present students undergoing such programmes of study for the examination for the award of recognized MBBS/PG Degree/Diploma qualifications.
Medical College means a college approved by a University in the State imparting education for the full University course in modern scientific medicine in all its branches excluding veterinary medicine and veterinary surgery;

Examples of Medical College in a sentence

  • Certificate to the effect that two supply orders of the same models quoted from an INI, Medical College Hospital, Govt.

  • Enclose at-least two supply orders of the same models quoted from an INI, Medical College Hospital, Govt.

  • Appeal against the decision of the Principal ,RGKar Medical College , Kolkata , West Bengal and to impose such a penalty will lie with Tender Selection Committee.

  • The CMC will commence from the date of expiry of the Warranty Period.5.6 Subject to GCC sub – clause 5.3 above, the Purchaser/Consignee will release the Performance Security without any interest to the supplier on completion of the supplier’s all contractual obligations including the warranty obligations & after receipt of Consignee wise bank guarantee for CMC security in favour of Head of the Hospital/ Institute/ Medical College of the consignee as per the format in Section XV.

  • Medical and dental residents and medical and dental interns at the Medical College of Georgia (BR Minutes, 1986-87, p.

More Definitions of Medical College

Medical College means a medical college that has accreditation as a specialist medical college by the Australian Medical Council;
Medical College means the Rangaraya Medical College at Kakinada;
Medical College or “College” means the Medical College of Wisconsin.
Medical College means any institution by whatever name called in which a person may undergo a course of study or training including any post graduate course of study or training which will qualify him for the award of a recognised medical qualification .
Medical College means a college in which instruction is
Medical College means a college in which instruction is provided primarily for courses of study leading to any degree, diploma or certificate of a University in medicine and which is recognised as such under any enactment in force for the time being;
Medical College means3[Pandit Bhagwat Dayal Sharma Post Graduate Institute of Medical Sciences, Rohtak] and includes all hostels attached to it, the Medical College Hospital and its attached Nursing Hostels, Nursing Schools of Medical College Hospital, School of Pharmacy, Primary Health Centers located at Dighal, Tehsil Jhajjar and Kathura, District Sonepat and sub centers at present attached to the said Primary Health Centers, Civil Dispensary and Female Dispensary at Beri and Chittranjan Mobile Hospital and such other institutions as may be attached to the Medical College from time to time;