MDH Common Stock definition

MDH Common Stock means the MDH Class A Common Stock and the MDH Class B Common Stock.

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MDH shall appoint the Exchange Agent for the purpose of exchanging the MDH Merger Consideration for: (i) certificates representing shares of MDH Common Stock (the “ Certificates”) or (ii) uncertificated shares of MDH Common Stock (the “Uncertificated Shares”).

Any holder who has not exchanged shares of MDH Common Stock for the MDH Merger Consideration in accordance with this Section 2.6 before that date will look only to Surviving MDH for payment of the MDH Merger Consideration, and any dividends and distributions with respect to the MDH Merger Consideration, in respect of those shares without any interest thereon.

Any portion of the MDH Merger Consideration made available to the Exchange Agent under Section 2.6(a) that remains unclaimed by the holders of shares of MDH Common Stock 12 months after the Closing Date will be returned to Surviving MDH, on demand.

If, after the Effective Time, Certificates or Uncertificated Shares are presented to Surviving MDH, they will be canceled and exchanged for the MDH Merger Consideration payable in respect of the MDH Common Stock provided for, and in accordance with the procedures set forth, in this Article II.

Promptly after the Closing Date, PubCo will send, or will cause the Exchange Agent to send, to each holder of shares of MDH Common Stock at the Effective Time a letter of transmittal and instructions that will specify that the delivery will be effected, and risk of loss and title will pass, only on proper delivery of the Certificates or transfer of the Uncertificated Shares to the Exchange Agent.