Definition of MDG Advance Amount

MDG Advance Amount means, as of any date, the lesser of (i) $2,500,000 and (ii) the product of (x) the trailing twelve-month EBITDA of MDG, multiplied by (y) 65%, multiplied by (z) 4.0; provided that if at any time (1) any of the Guarantor Documents shall not be in full force and effect, effective to grant in favor of Agent, for the benefit of the 2 As provided in footnote 2 to the Final Financing Order, the liens granted to Agent and Lenders pursuant thereto (a) extend to the proceeds, if any, of the Debtors leasehold interests in real property, but do not extend to any such leasehold interests themselves and (b) do not extend to avoidance power actions brought under Sections 542, 545, 547, 548, 549, or 550 of the Bankruptcy Code.