Definition of MCD Assets

MCD Assets means, collectively, the MCD Property, the MCD Chattels, the MCD Intellectual Property, the interest, rights and privileges of the Co-Owners' in, to and under the MCD Leases, the MCD Contracts, the MCD Nominee Agreement and the MCD Permitted Encumbrances.
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Examples of MCD Assets in a sentence

The Purchaser acknowledges that the Vendor has advised it that the MCD Owner, which is a subsidiary of the Vendor, is the beneficial owner of an undivided fifty (50) per cent interest in the MCD Assets, rather than the Vendor.
The Vendor covenants and agrees with the Purchaser that the Vendor shall cause the MCD Owner to execute and deliver all documentation, and to observe and perform all covenant and obligations, of the Vendor under this Agreement insofar as they pertain to the MCD Assets.