Material Recovery Facility definition

Material Recovery Facility means a facility, not subject to permitting requirements under Regulation 22, which is engaged in the storage, processing, and resale of recovered materials and receives source-separated recyclable materials.
Material Recovery Facility means any facility that collects, compacts, repackages, sorts, or processes for transport source separated solid waste for the purpose of recycling.
Material Recovery Facility or “Recycling Facility” means a facility that sorts and processes Mixed Recyclable Materials to prepare them for processing and remanufacture as a product sold in commerce.

Examples of Material Recovery Facility in a sentence

  • Material Recovery Facility: A general term used to describe a waste-sorting facility.

  • The Material Recovery Facility must have the ability to recycle the following materials at a minimum: cans (aluminum and steel), cartons (refrigerator and shelf stable cartons), glass (bottles and jars), fiber (mixed paper, box board and cardboard) and plastic bottles and jugs.

  • For purposes of assessing fees, permit categories include the following types of solid waste management facilities: Class 1, Class 3C (Commercial), Class 3N (Non-Commercial), Class 3T (Tire), and Class 4 Landfills; Transfer Stations, Composting Facilities and Solid Waste Material Recovery Facilities; provided, however, fees for a Solid Waste Material Recovery Facility will not be assessed where limited recycling and material recovery activities occur at a Transfer Station site.

  • Method of Material Recovery Facility: Describe the process, list of plant & machinery, power requirement, likely % of product, likely power generation, likely quantity of RDF & likely % of rejects etc.

  • The Contractor is responsible for delivering all Mixed Recyclables to a Material Recovery Facility for processing.

More Definitions of Material Recovery Facility

Material Recovery Facility or "MRF" means any facility that processes for transport mixed C&D waste [or]* source separated solid waste for the purpose of recycling.
Material Recovery Facility means a transfer station or other authorized solid waste facility at which nonhazardous solid waste, which solid waste is not source separated by the generator thereof prior to collection, is received for on-site processing and separation utilizing manual or mechanical methods for the purpose of recovering recyclable materials for disposition and recycling prior to the disposal of the residual solid waste at an authorized solid waste facility.
Material Recovery Facility means a facility in which solid non-hazardous recyclable material is received collected, sorted, and/or processed for the purpose of marketing the material for use as raw material in the manufacturing process of new, reused or reconstituted products.
Material Recovery Facility means a facility that receives, separates and prepares recyclable material for marketing.
Material Recovery Facility or "MRF" means a facility
Material Recovery Facility means a solid waste management facility that separates materials for the purposes of recycling from an incoming mixed solid waste stream by using manual and/or mechanical methods, or a facility at which previously separated recyclables are collected.
Material Recovery Facility or “MRF” means the Waste Management Receiving Facilities for Recyclable Material.