Manufacturer’s Certificate definition

Manufacturer’s Certificate means any Manufacturer’s statement of origin, certificate of origin or any other document evidencing the ownership or transfer of ownership of a New Motor Vehicle from a Manufacturer to a Borrower.

Examples of Manufacturer’s Certificate in a sentence

  • Manufacturer's Certificate: Certify that products meet or exceed specified requirements.

  • Manufacturer's Certificate: Certify products meet or exceed specified requirements.

  • Manufacturer's Certificate: Certify Products meet or exceed specified requirements.

  • Manufacturer's Certificate of Warranty as described in Article 3.4.

  • Manufacturer's Certificate: Certify products meet or exceed specified sustainable design requirements.

  • Manufacturer's Certificate: Certify that system has been tested and meets or exceeds specified requirements and code requirements.

  • YES NOIf yes, please provide details: Governmental Entity: Date of Termination or Withholding of Contract: Basis of Termination or Withholding: (add additional pages if necessary) MANUFACTURER’S CERTIFICATE NOTE TO BIDDERS:This "Manufacturer's Certificate" is to be removed, and forwarded to the manufacturer by the bidder, completed and returned to the bidder by the manufacturer, and submitted with the bidder's offer.

  • Manufacturer's Certificate: Certify that Products meet or exceed specified requirements.

  • Certificate of Conformity or Manufacturer's Certificate towards product Warranty.

  • Manufacturer's Certificate: Certify that masonry units meet or exceed specified requirements.

Related to Manufacturer’s Certificate

  • Servicer’s Certificate means an Officers’ Certificate of the Servicer delivered pursuant to Section 4.9, substantially in the form of Exhibit A.

  • Officer’s Certificate A certificate signed by the Chairman of the Board, Vice Chairman of the Board, President or a Vice President and by the Treasurer, the Secretary or one of the Assistant Treasurers or Assistant Secretaries, or any other duly authorized officer of the Depositor or the Servicer, as the case may be, and delivered to the Trustee.

  • Exchange Rate Officer’s Certificate means a certificate setting forth (i) the applicable Market Exchange Rate or the applicable bid quotation and (ii) the Dollar or Foreign Currency amounts of principal (and premium, if any) and interest, if any (on an aggregate basis and on the basis of a Security having the lowest denomination principal amount determined in accordance with Section 302 in the relevant Currency), payable with respect to a Security of any series on the basis of such Market Exchange Rate or the applicable bid quotation signed by the Chief Financial Officer or any Vice President of the Company.

  • Officer’s Compliance Certificate means a certificate of the chief financial officer or the treasurer of the Borrower substantially in the form attached as Exhibit F.

  • License Certificate means evidence of a license provided by Licensor to Licensee in electronic or printed form.

  • Monthly Report has the meaning assigned in Section 6.01.

  • Certificate of Compliance means a certificate issued in terms of the Regulations in respect of an electrical installation or part of an electrical installation by an accredited person;

  • Interim Payment Certificate means a payment certificate issued under Clause 14 [Contract Price and Payment], other than the Final Payment Certificate.

  • Manufacturer’s Warranty means the warranty supplied from time to time by the manufacturer of the Goods as at the date of the acceptance of the Statement of Work; “PPSA” means the Personal Property Securities Xxx 0000; “Price” means the amount specified within each Statement of Work (subject to any Variation) or as otherwise specified from the Company to the Customer representing the cost for the Works; “Related Work” means any additional building, carpentry, painting, plastering, plumbing or other work or other trades that the Customer requires, which are not to be carried out by the Company; “Services” means the services provided by the Company to the Customer as part of the Works, which may include without limitation the installation of Goods; “Services Delay Charge” means the services delay charge (if any) set out in the Statement of Work; “Services Interruption Event” means any interruption to a Works caused by; a Force Majeure Event, the Customer’s failure to carry out or perform any obligation required of it under this agreement which in the sole opinion of the Company does or may cause a delay in the Works and any other matter which in the reasonable opinion of the Company will cause an interruption or delay in the performance of the Works; “Statement of Work” means the details outlining the provision of the Works, which statement can be delivered verbally or in writing (including email) and may include (where applicable) an estimate or quotation (as specifically expressed as the case) of costs; “Variation” means a change in the Statement of Work including the specifications, scope, time of supply, price or scale of the Works and such variation shall form part of this agreement; “Workmanship” means a good and high quality and standard of delivery in connection with the Services performed; “Works” means the supply of Goods and the provision of Services to the Customer as per each Statement of Work;

  • Final Payment Certificate means the payment certificate issued under Sub-Clause 14.13 [Issue of Final Payment Certificate].

  • Payment Date Report has the meaning assigned to such term in Section 8.07(b).

  • Variance Report shall have the meaning assigned to such term in Section 5.01(g).

  • medical certificate means a certificate signed by a registered medical practitioner.

  • Authentication of product history means, but is not limited to, identifying the purchasing source, the ultimate fate, and any intermediate handling of any component of a radiopharmaceutical.

  • certification mark means a mark used in connection with the goods or services of a person other than the certifier to indicate geographic origin, material, mode of manufacture, quality, accuracy, or other characteristics of the goods or services or to indicate that the work or labor on the goods or services was performed by members of a union or other organization.

  • Certificate of Conformance means a document issued by the NCWM based on testing by a participating laboratory that constitutes evidence of conformance of a type.

  • Royalty Report shall have the meaning set forth in Section 7.1.

  • Certificate of Analysis means a document signed by an authorized representative of Manufacturer, describing Specifications for, and testing methods applied to, Product, and the results of testing.