Definition of M2P2 Operating Agreement

M2P2 Operating Agreement means the Operating Agreement, dated January 1, 2003, of M2P2, as further amended, modified or supplemented.
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Examples of M2P2 Operating Agreement in a sentence

In anticipation of the sale of the Securities and the other transactions contemplated herein, prior to the Closing Date, Seller may cause the Companies and the Company Subsidiaries to distribute to its members cash necessary to make all estimated distributions pursuant to and in accordance with Section 4.1.4 of the M2P2 Operating Agreement for profits allocated to the members of M2P2 prior to the Closing Date.
Except as set forth in the M2P2 Operating Agreement, under applicable securities Laws or as set forth on Schedule 3.09, there are no registration rights agreements, no voting trusts, proxies or other agreements and no restrictions on transfer, with respect to any capital stock or units of any Company or Company Subsidiary.
Buyer shall deliver to Seller immediately after the Closing the M2P2 Operating Agreement Amendment and the Certificate.