Definition of LUVSG Merger Agreement

LUVSG Merger Agreement - means the Agreement and Plan of Merger, dated as of May 2, 2001, by and among LMC, Liberty LUVSG, Inc., the Company and News Publishing Australia Limited.

Examples of LUVSG Merger Agreement in a sentence

The Company has issued (i) on May 2, 2001 an aggregate of 121,463,409 ADSs (the "LUVSG Shares") to the LUVSG Purchasers in the amounts set forth in Schedule 1 hereto, pursuant to the LUVSG Merger Agreement (as defined below) and (ii) on the date hereof an aggregate of 28,793,980 ADSs (the "LTVGIA Shares" and together with the LUVSG Shares, the "Shares") to the LTVGIA Purchasers in the amounts set forth on Schedule 2 hereto pursuant to the LTVGIA Merger Agreement.
Pursuant to the LUVSG Merger Agreement, LMC and the Company entered into the TNCL Registration Rights and Lock-up Agreement, dated as of May 2, 2001 (the "Original Agreement").