Loss of cognitive function definition

Loss of cognitive function means a significant decline or loss in intellectual aptitude. Such loss must result from an Accidental injury. And, it must be supported by clinical proof or standardized tests that precisely measure decline in the areas of:
Loss of cognitive function means a significant delcine or loss in intellectual aptitude resulting from accidental injury. Contact Guardian for more information.

Examples of Loss of cognitive function in a sentence

  • Loss of cognitive function means a significant decline or loss in intellectual aptitude.

  • Loss of cognitive function is deterioration or loss of intellectual capacity which requires the need for daily supervision of another adult to ensure the insured person’s safety.

  • Loss of cognitive function caused by Alzheimer’s disease is qualitatively different from that related to normal aging.

  • Loss of cognitive function leads to greater vulnerability as people age, and consequently their increased reliance on others to manage their affairs.

  • Loss of cognitive function does not by itself constitute terminal illness, but patients without cognitive function may be reviewed under these guidelines.

  • Loss of cognitive function is defined here as the irreversible and untreatable loss of all capacities to communicate or respond to external stimuli.

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  • Servicing Function Participant Any Additional Servicer, Sub-Servicer, Subcontractor or any other Person, other than the Certificate Administrator, the Operating Advisor, the Master Servicer, the Special Servicer and the Trustee, that is performing activities that address the Servicing Criteria, unless such Person’s activities relate only to 5% or less of the Mortgage Loans by unpaid principal balance calculated in accordance with the provisions of Regulation AB.